Saturday, January 01, 2000

About Maggie

I'm Maggie. I'm madly in love with my sweetheart and best friend, Tom, for at least a million reasons. I moved in December 2008 from Portland, OR to Tulsa, OK and am thrilled to be reunited with my sweetie, who has been in Tulsa since February 2008 (yep, that's a long time, folks). I'm in the Pacific Northwest, but he's currently working in another part of the country, so this temporary apartness makes things interesting. I missed him tons, but I'm also very independent and am enjoyed the me time in the meantime (life, lemons, making lemonade, etc. is how I roll). We have three spoiled cats that may be as close to babies as I'll get (here's part of why, and someday I may share the rest, but for now I'll just say that I know more about grief due to losing a parent and then later losing also an almost baby along with my fertility in the process than I really would have chosen if I'd been given the choice - wasn't - but it's a part of who I am today). Sure, I'm human, and it's sad, but life sometimes shows up at your door with the unexpected (like a small event that led to me living in Japan for 3 years - an awesome experience), so who knows what's in store for us. I look forward to finding out what's next.

I've had this blog for a long time but really only started writing regularly when I quit smoking in June 2007, and I've been writing since, both about that journey that I still take just a day at a time (trite, true) plus branching out from there, and it has actually made me see the world differently (more on the relationship between me/blogging/real life is here. And now more also here, too, where I decide to write things I want to write).

Along with quitting smoking, I started cooking (read all about that surprising little evolution - ask my dad about Manwich / Hamburger Helper - here). I also started taking pictures. I don't claim to be good at either new hobby, but I keep learning a little more by doing both, and since I often take pictures of the new foods I make, they often turn up in my Sunday posts. I promise never, ever to be so cruel as to post a food picture without a link to the recipe, and because I love you all so much, I've created a public cookbook over on Recipezaar in which I've lovingly placed every recipe I've made since I joined a few years ago, and I've made a point of reviewing each one; my I Made It cookbook is here, and if I've talked about it here, it's also in there.

I'm pretty much what you see in my posts. I say pretty much because while I will not represent myself as someone I am not, I also recognize that every word I write here is public and is potentially forever, even if I were to delete the blog, and that means that anyone (family, friends, current or future employers, neighbors, etc.) could see this either on purpose or on accident. It happens. I was once dubbed "safety girl," and yep, that's me. I also completely respect my sweetheart, Tom, and I will not share anything he doesn't want made public. This is why even though I will ham it up for a million self-portraits, you just won't see his picture here.

Someday I might do the 100 things about me challenge and fill in some gaps I feel like I should mention, but for now this is me, and this is my blog. Pull up a chair, grab some coffee (or tea, vodka, whatever, just bring enough to share with me, unless it's diet pop, which I'm OK if you don't share but may have a sip if you offer) and feel welcome because you are. While I do write for me, I also very much stalk my comments more than is probably healthy (I have a lot of free time / me time, remember?) because I do very much enjoy an audience (else I'd just go start another journal to abandon), and that audience I love to enjoy? Is You!