Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Flag Burners Suck

And now for some opinion...

I hate flag burners. I really do. The irony of the whole thing slays me - that Americans are granted the right to express themselves with so much freedom that they are able to burn the U.S. flag, which is itself the very symbol of this freedom. I don't get it. Never will.

And yet, I want these freaks to have this freedom because being able to do so is the essence of our freedom as Americans, and I hate seeing that freedom slowly slip away.

I love our flag, but I love what it stands for even more.

I know that this can't be done, and I'm sure it's not politically correct, but my favorite thing to think about whenever this topic comes up (like right now as there is talk of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution) is this... How nice it would be instead of this amendment to just start letting our baddest ass soldiers, who understand the blood that has been shed for our freedoms (and our flag, the strongest symbol of our freedoms), spit on and beat the crap out of the freaks that love to run around burning flags as a demonstration of their desperate need for attention. I know, that's harsh. It would never fly, and that's probably a good thing. Still it does make me smile. Transporting the pukes to another country where this spitting and beating would be sanctioned and administered by the government would be OK with me, too. Since my fantasy mistreatment of those who blatantly mistreat the flag can't (and really even shouldn't) be reality, our great political minds get the idea that a constitutional amendment is the way to go. And they completely miss the whole point. The point is that even these people (misguided and wrong though they may be, in my humble opinion) have the same freedom of speech and expression as the rest of us who get to live under the First Amendment (now *there's* an Amendment that makes sense) even if they don't appreciate it. The whole point is that even though I find flag burning offensive, I'd never want to be told that I couldn't say all this about how flag burners turn my stomach because maybe the rest of society would find it offensive. Besides, think how much *more* coverage and attention these attention seeking flag burners would get then? Right now they get some coverage sometimes, but not a ton since most people just shake their heads and wait for the ungrateful, disrespectful losers to grow up or move somewhere else. Passing an amendment would not stop these ingrates but would just make it a bigger deal when they did it anyway, which is exactly the reason they burn the flag.

Flag burners suck, but this is America, and its the freedom itself, even more than our symbol of freedom, that is the most important.

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