Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'm going tomorrow to get a tattoo! Finally, after wanting one for years, I'm actually going to do it. I promised myself somewhere around the time that I was in college that if I really still wanted one when I turned 30 I'd do it. 30 came and went, then 31, then 32, and now, at 33, it came to me a week ago exactly what I need - a Hello Kitty tattoo. I've drawn up exactly what I want (Hello Kitty wearing a dark & light blue kimono, holding a green tea cup with the kanji for tea, Mt. Fuji [which I climbed while living in Japan] and tea fields to her right and the kanji for Shizuoka [the prefeture where I lived] to the left), and it's going on my left upper thigh/lower hip. I chose that location so that it will never be seen unless I'm in a bathing suit or willing to show someone. I'm really giddy thinking about the whole thing - excited/scared. I will post a picture once its done.

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