Friday, September 02, 2005


Unbelievable. It's hard to believe that this can happen here, that our TVs could be filled with the images we've been seeing with events here and not somewhere else. I dont' know yet or care yet who is really at fault, but the response has been as much a tragedy as what mother nature dealt the people affected by hurricane Katrina. I definitely feel like I need to get serious about putting together an emergency kit because after seeing all of this, I no longer feel confident that "the government" (local, state, federal...whatever) would necessarily take care of me. They might. They might not. My thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and, sadly, for many days to come because this will be a long and scary journey for many.

HOPE: I can only hope that somehow, someway something good can come out of this experience for as many of these people as possible. In my own life I've seen that happen, so I know that it's possible. It's not that the good makes the terrible any more worth it or that something terrible suddenly becomes wonderfu, but just that sometimes something good can come out of the unfortunate events in our lives, and why not embrace that since we can't undo the terrible event. Maybe someone will start anew in a place that turns out to be in just a place they didn't even know they would love and never would have found otherwise. Maybe some of the good and decent companies out there that are making a point of trying to help by employing some of those displaced will give someone with talent an opportunity that they may not have had otherwise so that that person might get a break and a chance to finally shine as they thought they could if only they'd been given a chance. Maybe many of us will wake up a little bit and see that while some people stayed by choice, others stayed because they didn't have the resources to flee and that poverty is still an issue right here in our country, in the U S of Ah, and maybe that will inspire some of us to do something and also be grateful for whatever we do have. It's silly, but whenever I hear about people separated from their pets (I still wonder if I'd have held out and stayed despite it all not wanting to leave my "babies" - that's a whole other topic) I say another special prayer of a special kind and hold my kitties closer to me and hope that those who had to leave their own pets behind will be reunited. I know that my hopes sound somewhat naive, but that's what makes me who I am, and I wouldn't change it if I could. And so I pray, and so I have hope.

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