Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mean People Really Do Suck

I get to sad and angry when I hear stories about people mistreating animals and getting a slap on the wrist for it. Just this week, two stories stand out. The guy who beat his dog with a golf club until it broke and then stabbed him with the shaft, and whoever it was that likely used a dog as bait to train fighting dogs, discarded the dog with his mangled leg into a dumpster and taped his snout shut, leaving him there to die quietly in the dumpster.

Both of the dogs lived, even if they were each missing a limb. Too bad the supposed "humans" that did this to them also lived. I'm often over the top on my views, and I know that this is one of them, but anyone who could actually do something like that on purpose to a defenseless animal is so beyond my comprehension and must be so sick and evil inside that I can't really think of any redeeming quality they could possibly have. I realize we can't just kill these people (though it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if we could), but I do wish that we could at least put these people away forever. Not a year, not 2 years, not 10 years, but forever, until they die. It's not like it could be possible to rehabilitate someone so mean because that has to go so deep that it's at the core of the person. Neglecting a pet is one thing (and I think there should be severe consequences for that as well), but deliberately hurting an animal takes it to the next level. I understand people hurting or killing each other for love, money, power, etc. (not that that is OK either, but at least I can kind of follow their logic), but for what possible purpose would someone hurt a dog, cat, horse or other animal? Why? I can't understand. These people need to be locked up forever.

Stories like this make me feel the need to round up each of my kitties one by one to snuggle and love them and then wish that I was the one who got to make the rules on what happens to people so mean and screwed up that they can be so cruel.

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