Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday Night

The very weird thing that sometimes happens to me on some Friday nights...

Starting at about 8AM most Monday mornings, I start looking forward to 5 o'clock Friday. When Thursday rolls around, I can almost taste the relaxation , and by 4:45PM on Friday, I'm on the edge of my desk chair. Traffic is usually horrible, but it almost doesn't matter. Once home, there is usually some game I'm looking forward to playing into the wee hours.

And then some Fridays are like tonight where I'm actually just completely bored - something that almost never happens to me. No game really sounds all that fun (I've half-heartedly played a few already), and doing stuff that needs to be done (like cleaning) definitely doesn't really sound appealing (I'm not quite *that* bored).

I'm glad this doesn't happen often because it's weird.

I do have a couple of Netflix (I love Netflix - was so skeptical at first and so love it now), and Tom has brewed me a pot of coffee (oh yah!), so I'm sure I'll be into the Friday night spirit before too long. I know for sure that by Sunday night I will find it hard to believe how quickly the weekend passed.

And a quick follow up to the mention of Crock Pot Sour Cream Bacon Chicken a few days ago. I learned a very valuable lesson - no matter how good a recipe sounds, bacon does not belong in the crockpot. Maybe if it was cooked first it could possibly be OK, but this recipe said to wrap it around chicken breasts and add cream of mushroom with garlic soup. The sauce was delicious, but the whole bacon thing itself really wasn't.

Finally, last nights My Name is Earl, The Office and ER were awesome premiers. Earl was cute, but not really anything too different/special from usual. The Office was a bit over the top, and it sounds like that upset some people, but it really was one of the funniest episodes ever - I was still cracking up this morning when I would remember Michael saying that he watched the TV show "Queer as Fuck" (his mouth was bleeped out) and his boss Jan saying "That's not the name of the show, Michael." Not sure why that stuck with me, but it gave me the giggles the day after, so that's cool. The Jim/Pam will they/won't they will start up again (had to know that they couldn't just wind up together in just the 3rd season...), I'm sure, and the show will hopefully return to the more subtle humor that the fans love. They had to do something big for the premier, and they did, even if it was a little too over the top. ER, of course, did everything just as well as they always do - such an amazing show. Abby has always been my favorite, so my heart broke for her and for Luka with the mix of hope and fear for the life of their baby, and now their only chance for one of their own. The Sam and son being kidnapped storyline was definitely one that kept my eyes glued to the screen.

OK, on with my Friday night. I'm feeling better already.

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