Friday, September 22, 2006

Yay Autumn!

Finally, Sept 21 is here, and that means that the countdown to the season premiers of my all time favorite shows is now down to hours instead of days. Such a sorry life, I know, that I can be this excited about TV shows, but I'm nothing if not very easily excitable and easy to please. Dinner is in the crockpot (Sour Cream Bacon Chicken - first time trying this recipe - if it's good, I'll post it), Hello Kitty jammies laid out, and the plan for a perfect evening is in motion. First will be My Name is Earl, then The Office with its much anticipated answer to the Jim/Pam will they/won't they cliffhanger (I hope they will but bet they won't), then an hour of Deal or No Deal in the background while I half watch and half do something either fun or constructive, and finally ER where we'll learn about the aftermath of the shooting rampage cliffhanger and whether Abby and baby-to-be are OK (and other stuff, but that's the one I'm most wondering).

Life is so good!

I can't say anything about what I really want to talk about which an idea for Tom's birthday, but since he might read this, I can't make a peep!

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