Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh Crap... At Least I'm Warm

You know those bacon wrapped chicken thingies I was so proud of making last night and said that they were on a cookie sheet in the freezer just waiting to freeze before properly storing them in ziplock freezer bags? Well, after Desperate Housewives I just kind of went to bed and completely forgot to deal with the chicken... I remembered in the car on the way to work, which was not a very helpful time for my brain to start recalling things like this. Hopefully they will be OK if I do them first thing when I get home from work tonight.

In other news, I am wearing a new and very cozy (chenille-ish) purple sweater today (with nails painted to match - looks a little crazy), and I'm thrilled because I bought a lot (not like a lot, but an actual lot) of 6 sweaters on EBay that arrived on Friday. Even with shipping it was $35.00. And now I'm all set for fall and winter!

Hope my chicken makes it...

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