Monday, October 02, 2006

Would you believe I'm cooking?

I'm starting to become interested in cooking. It started awhile back mainly because I hate coming home from work and not having any idea what to eat and winding up at a drive-thru. So I started doing the crockpot thing last winter - mostly just stuff that I could put into it the night before, put the removable crock thingy (thank God for that kind) in the fridge, and then put it on the next morning before work so that I can come home to a nice dinner that smells like someone really nice has been there cooking all day. The other day while looking at some recipe ideas on, I got really inspired by their OAMC (Once A Month Cooking) section devoted to stuff you can make and freeze ahead, and I'm going to give it a try. I doubt I'll be doing a whole month in advance anytime soon, but I'll definitely make some stuff to freeze. Tonight I made the best chicken enchiladas I've ever had in my life, and Tom loved them, too. Unbelievable. The recipe is here: I bought a bunch of chicken today at the store and also made Bacon Wrapped Chicken to freeze (which you can find here: but used a recipe for Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese Spread (and here's that one: instead of the chive & onion cream cheese called for in the recipe since Tom doesn't like onions. The chicken is on a cookie sheet in the freezer as I type, getting frozen so that I can put it into ziplock bags to freeze for later. Such a productive day. And oh my God, those chicken enchiladas were yummy!

Oh, and while I was at the store, I found a decent kitchen knife for $6.00. I've never used a decent knife until this one (usually just the very dull ones in my little butcher block thingy), and it made all the difference. I finally understand how they do that on TV where the chefs look like they can cut stuff so easily! I'm still not ready for anything fancy, but something that let me dice the chicken (instead of using scissors like I've usually wound up doing when the knife wouldn't cut) sure was a nice change!

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