Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Rest for a True Hero

May this brave and courageous hero now be at rest after such a strong fight to save his family. May his also courageous wife, Kati, and all of James' loved ones, wrap like a blanket around their grief the fact that they knew and loved a real-life hero. And may little Penelope and Sabine grow up knowing they are a hero's legacy. (Photo blatantly taken from

This story touched a lot of "strangers" like me pretty deeply somehow, and I have so many thoughts and feelings, but right now my heart goes out to the family who has a long road ahead back to something like OK (they will get there, especially as brave as Kati is) and also to the many friends it sounds like the family has and also to the rescuers who tried so hard and must also feel pretty devestated though we know they sure did try and work hard, just like James did.

A sad day. Rest in peace James Kim, Senior Editor and Hero. You will surely be missed.

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