Friday, January 05, 2007

Guaranteed to Satisfy

One more day of coffee talk. Since yesterday morning started off a little bumpy and got a little better with coffee (then kind of tanked again as that wore off, I guess), I made a pre-emptive strike today by going to my place of worship, Dutch Bros. and ordering my latte with an extra shot (oh, and today was my free one on my stamp card thingy - so a free 5-shot latte day, even better!), just like back in the day when that was my regular thing to do before I tried scaling back. Picture is on my desk right now! (Actually, I took the picture a few days back, but it looks the same as now)

Here's the thing about Dutch Bros. and why I love them so very much.

First, they are kind of "local," so that's a nice thing. But there are a lot of "local" coffee shops out this way, and not all of them are great enough for me to get all giddy about like this.

Second, they are a drive-thru, not a get out of your car in the rain (this is the Northwest...) and stand around waitng kind of place. You can always tell by looking at me later whether there was a long line because those are the days that my make up is actually done in the comfort of my car while I wait and am not physically driving or putting others at risk :)

Third, Dutch Bros. normal 20oz (Venti-sized in Starbucks speak) lattes automatically come with FOUR shots of espresso. Compare this to Starbucks - two measly shots.

Fourth, said normal four shot latte with a flavor is only $3.25 or $3.50 (I think it's gone up, but sometimes they only charge me $3.25) compared to something like $4.10 at Starbucks when I splurge and get an extra shot for just a three shot latte (again, that's with flavor) - and I think Starbucks recently went up as well.

Fifth, you know that stamp card I mentioned where I got a free latte today? Yep, I love that. The only Starbucks here that do that are the ones in grocery stores. If I get a free latte after every 10, I can better justify this (I have about 16 reasons how I can justify most mornings' lattes - my favorite of which is that it's breakfast to me and the most calcium I get all day - without much bad stuff since I get a skinny - arguing against me on this has been done, and it's always futile).

Sixth, the coffee actually tastes really very good. Maybe it's because they put so many shots in it to start with, but a latte from Dutch Bros. tastes like there is actually espresso in that cup somewhere and not just sweetly flavored milk like some weaker lattes. It's energizing even to think about that dark and happy richness under all the fluff.

Finally, and maybe even one of the strongest reasons I love these folks, the people at EVERY Dutch Bros. location I've ever been to (and I've made a point of going to several) have all been super friendly and very "hip/cool." Before Dutch Bros, I went to the same Starbucks once or twice every day (the second run was for folks at work and my excuse to leave my cube), saw the same baristas and remembered them. I understand that there were only a few of them and lots of customers, but after that long, you'd think they'd act like they'd seen me before when I came in so often, but they didn't. At Dutch Bros, after going just the first few times, they saw me coming (literally) and started having my drink ready and being handed out the window as I pulled up. All with a great big smile and friendly banter. The only time this is not a good thing is when it gets seasonal and they have the eggnog lattes because there is a transition time of a few days to get them switched over :)

So, today can't be anything but a great day. "Guaranteed to Satisfy" it says on the bottom of my cup, and I am one satisfied woman.


  1. Alright Maggie, you read my mind. I actually searched JoeDuck's blog today to find out who ordered Dutch Bros. coffee (turns out it was Frances). I was going to ask her how it turned out (since she had never had it before) and find out if I should order some. Is it the same to grind at home, or should this just be something I make a point to get lots of when I am in Oregon?

  2. Tara - I've never actually bought the beans, just already brewed in a yummy cup! I bet it would be pretty good though...

  3. Yummm winter time again, so much espresso to drinky



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