Thursday, January 11, 2007


I've been up way, way, way too late for way, way, way too many nights. The extra shot of espresso (5 total) in my Dutch Bros. helped this morning, but nothing can make up for two nights up past 2AM. The funny thing is, I always think I'll catch up on sleep on the weekend (I know, I know, it doesn't work that way, just like people roll their eyes when I state my belief that a latte is a good breakfast because skim milk still has plenty of good protein and calcium... it does, you know), but when the weekend rolls around I usually end up staying up even later and getting even less sleep. I guess I'm just afraid I'll miss something if my eyes are closed :)


  1. we have the same sleep issues! I have been up early the last few days cause I stayed up so late for so long that I finally am almost normal! I am still not happy about falling asleep at 9 though. Even 10 was a bit early, I missed all the action and could have told Charles off with everyone else, since it was an accetable time to do so! Yes, I think my sleep issues come from the same source....sleeping is actually boring, when you think about it!

    But biology took over, and I have been passing out!!


  2. I think I have actually reset my clock so that 2am-7am is a GREAT nights sleep. I actually fell asleep with my laptop in bed with me. uggg..
    perhaps when the dutch bros arrives it'll help....


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