Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some Days Coffee is the Only Answer...

I'm usually fairly cheerful-ish for the most part, I think. Once in awhile, though, it's just "one of those days." This morning has gone that way. Work has been... well, work, and that's all that I'll say so "publicly" on a blog, but by 10:00AM I was just wishing already that I could start the day over. And then I decided that if I did that, I'd just shut the alarm off that first time (instead of hitting snooze several times and finally getting up), sleep in late, and stay in my nice warm and dry home with my nice warm and dry cats (instead of going out into the gloomy and rainy day). Since that wasn't possible, I tried to do the next best thing by having a cup of coffee since I was running too late to get a latte (which probably would have fixed this whole mess before it started, but that's another story). Sadly, the coffee situation is dismal for reasons I also won't get into (vague is fun), but very extremely fortunately, the solution to any bad day is sitting right on my desk (and one on my kitchen counter at home, too, though bad moods don't usually get me there because the cats are silly). This very cheap one cup coffee maker that accepts any brand of pods has saved my day, and it's so wonderful that I have to act like an infomercial and share this with anyone who ever needs a reason to smile (assuming their mind is so coffee addled as mine is). I bought mine at the Evil Wal-Martian for about $15.00 a couple years back, but the same exact model (don't be fooled by the others - they cost more and are not as cool) can be found at for just a bit more than what I paid.

Right now, I'm having a cup made with a Hazelnut flavored pod, and I added some Coconut Creamer that someone was kind enough to bring in and put in the fridge - and it is heaven. If I were one of my Sims, I would have a Platinum Mood thingy over my head. Thank you Proctor-Silex!

So here is the link:

And this is the review I wrote there:
"I love this product. First, it's much cheaper than other single cup brewers, and this one will let you use any brand of pod so that you can buy what's on sale. I also like that it has the option of using pods or grounds - I haven't seen others that can do this. I have one on my desk at work (that others use, too) and one at home for that one cup at night when I don't want to make an entire pot (no more wasted coffee at my house anymore!). One of my co-workers was so impressed that she bought one, too. I've had both of mine for over a year, and they have each been used several times a week and still make a delicious cup of coffee every time. I still can't get over the price. I would agree that the only drawback is that some of my mugs don't fit, but most of them do."

Update July 26, 2007. The one at home? Yah, it died. I cried.


  1. I love that you wrote about coffee! That picture makes me want more coffee.... :) I gotta find out more about that Dutch Bros. coffee.

  2. This is my favorite coffee maker.

    Allows me to have a crazy variety of blends and brands...

  3. Glenn, thanks for that link! Wow, those are the spendy versions there! Mmmm Dark Magic Espresso or Lake & Lodge sound very yummy. I am so in love with the one I have that it became the subject of a blog post... :)


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