Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 Years Later

Iraq, 4 years later. This might take awhile to load and might take more than one try, but these survey results are a very interesting read, basically 38 pages discussing results of a poll of citizens and their thoughts/attitudes/realities now vs. just back in November 2005 (or in some cases vs. February 2004). Other articles I've read to day (only a very scant few) have said how much better everything is. I only hope that they are right because this poll is very grim and sad.

No matter one's opinions about the war either way, it is sobering and saddening to see that people live in such fear and to really stop and think for a moment how different my own life would be were I just born somewhere else, like there. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I continue to be grateful every single day for my own way of life and for those who are willing to defend it.

It's way too simplistic and way too late, but really, wouldn't it be nice if there really was world peace? Until then, my thoughts with the civilians scared and huddled in their homes and with our brave troops facing danger around every corner turned and for their families praying for their safe return.

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