Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Words

While I was reading this Violent Acres post, I found myself nodding that yep, people need to continue to have the right to say what they want, even if that person is an asshole like Ann Coulter who deliberately finds the most inappropriate and offensive things to say publicly (like the recent "faggot" comment she made about John Edwards - just Google for other outrageous crap she's said just for impact or to show us what kind of icky person she is). This is America. Other than the cliche example of yelling fire in a theater that ain't burnin', you can say anything you want, and I'm convinced that this is a good thing.

It's a good thing not only because it's easier to spot some of the assholes that way, but also because otherwise, where would we draw the line on what words to ban? And if we did ban those words, would it really solve anything? Just because the ignorant/mean people couldn't say "the N-word," does that mean that they would suddenly become less ignorant or feel love rushing through their cold hearts? Not at all, they'd just be that much harder to spot at a glance.

I see this issue as almost identical to the way I feel about the flag burning issue in so many ways. In both cases, it's something I hate to see/hear and even find very offensive and would absolutely love to see decrease to the point of gone. It's great if people want to get out there to encourage not saying really hateful and inappropriate stuff or encourage people to respect our flag, but in the end, it's exactly this freedom of expression in both cases that make me proud to be an American, even if I'm not proud of how some Americans act when exercising their freedoms.

Some Americans are assholes, some aren't. It's nice that we get a choice.

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