Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ew, I hope she washed her hands

I'm not sure how I'd classify myself because a real germophobe should have issues with being so kissy with the catties like I am, paying no mind to them licking my hand when their tongue has been used to clean their paws which have dug around in the catbox.

But, cats are different because they are cute and have little toepads and whiskers. Therefore, they must have no germs by my logic.

People are a whole other nother. And they frighten me in ways that I never even considered until the relatively recent advent of the almighty hand sanitizer.

So today I'm at the Taco Bell window (surprise), and I hear one of the chicks babbling to another something about her boyfriend giving her a cold (well, she just said making her sick - hoping just a cold), and I'm thinking "yikes, hope she washed her hands." Really, though, if she hadn't, those people deal with money (filthy stuff) all day long and use their same hands to both collect it and hand your bag out the window, so it's all just gross anyway, and now I wish I hadn't insisted on thinking about it any further than I already had because I don't think hand sanitizer can even fix that issue if it's on your bag. OK, so that's a lost cause there.

I do know that I absolutely hate shaking hands and will be glad to see that custom replaced with either touching the tips of your shoes together (from some distance) or just plain saying "hello" so that no contact is necessary. When I was teaching in Japan I shook so many hands with so many students (showing them how we politely spread germs in my country instead of just bowing - they have the right idea), and I had no access to hand sanitizer (though everyone on the subway wore a surgical looking mask if they had a cold) and usually only cold water, and I lived through it. Maybe I was too young to care. Now I do. For the love of God, wash your hands and please, still, let's just both of us not touch, OK?

Oh, and that whole disgusting thing where you lick your finger in order to thumb through and separate pages - let's outlaw that, too. Ew! I just heard you hack up half a bloody lung before you decided to be helpful.

Until then, I have sanitizer on my desk at work, on my desk at home (no visitors, but just in case) and in my car. My purse is kind of small on purpose, so none in there.


  1. I hope and pray that some day we can actually meet.........JUST so that I can walk up to you and touch the tip of your shoe with mine.....while of course leaning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back away from you.

    I'll even bring a face mask and rubber gloves.

    And yes, I'm STILL bored! :)

  2. Wow, Tasina, you are back in the way-back before Chantix ;)


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