Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nothing is Sacred

It's been awhile. The Sims came out with the Seasons expansion (which is incredible) last week , so I haven't been seen or heard from since (well, other than going to work). The addiction begins again. This happens every expansion... Before that, all the way back in February, the Reno trip was awesome and all we hoped it would be (other than not coming home rich). One of these days I'll post some pictures. I've Yelped all the places we went and even made them into their own list of how to do Reno on the cheap.

Anyway, on with today because this fries my bacon. Nothing is sacred anymore. I hate it when that happens.

A favorite children's book becomes a movie with fantasy-like trailers when that misses the whole point (Bridge to Terabithia - maybe it will be OK, but I like it better when they leave well enough alone...). Another book loved in grade school was I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the movie didn't do it justice, and anything after that was more trash.

Then there are the movies that are re-makes of perfectly good movies. And this is what got me wound up recently. If you have never seen the original movie Working Girl that came out in 1988, see it now before Jessica Simpson ruins one of my favorite movies with the remake coming out this summer. It's so sad, really. All of it.

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