Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sleep Deprived Ramblings

Two nights in a row up past 2AM on school nights. It's all because of the Sims2 Seasons expansion pack and the new gift of an awesome French press. I drink the coffee (even after a scary teeth browning incident that has now been corrected - mostly), think it's not affecting me, play the Sims for a somewhat reasonable amount of time (like until midnight or so), but it's what happens after that that is the problem. I lie awake in bed talking to my man about a variety of subjects from scary countries/nukes to how parents do or don't deal with picky eaters to how disrespectful/annoying it is when reading stuff on forums written as if it's a text message and no evidence that the writer understands basic grammatical rules. That's just a sampling of topics; there've been plenty. And I have an opinion about each one (now OK to start sentences with And, But, Or it seems, so I do sometimes).

It occurred to me, too, that it's almost St. Patrick's Day. Since it's on a Saturday this year, it will be very easy for me to make two corned beef briskets (yes, I'll be able to eat both single-mouthedly over the course of the weekend). Last year I posted about the crockpot recipe using beer, and I've decided to go traditional this year (just boil meat for a long time, add potatoes, at some point add cabbage - that's it) because the crockpot way wasn't all it could have been. Now I can't get the thought out of my head, though, and I'm in a constant state of craving. I think corned beef, cabbage and potatoes has to be my favorite meal ever. Or maybe it's just that since I only get to have it once a year it's that much more special. Whatever the reason, Tom thinks I'm nuts because he hates the taste, smell and thought of corned beef. For me, corned beef is the only reason why I haven't become a vegetarian (OK, well that and prime rib and a really killer bacon cheeseburger - otherwise, good to go veggie).

I was going to refrain from talking about the Sims much, but I can't help it. If you don't play, most of this probably won't make sense. So the Seasons expansion came with this family (Ottomas) that has a granny, mom, dad, high school kid, elementary school kid and a toddler. If you are keeping score, that's 6 people to manage. Considering that they just come that way, it's not like you've had time to build the family up to where their skills are decent enough for better jobs before they started having all of these kids, so it's a challenge, and money is as tight as time. Did I mention that the mom is pregnant? (**stop reading now if you play and don't like spoiled surprises**) When it was time for the baby, turns out she's having twins. I about fell out of my chair. Anyway, new life has come back to an old favorite game, and my sleep deprivation has returned once again. If you are a Sims2 fan, Seasons is worth every penny - might even be the best expansion pack so far (though Open for Business is close).

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