Thursday, April 19, 2007


Creepy. Really creepy. As creepy and horrendously sad the V Tech tragedy already was, it just gets creepier the more we learn about the murderer of so many innocent people, people whose families, friends and even their nation are left shaking our heads and mourning their senseless deaths.

Pretty much once I first heard about the shooting I found the Hot Air blog that constantly updated with new information they had found, often well in advance of what even the vulture media could find or report. As I read along on the updates, I wasn't so surprised that the jerk was a loner. Or even that he'd been a stalker. The nature of his writings were kind of more than I expected but still not really terribly surprising. Having a professor and a tutor that were both concerned enough to take some precautions were a little odder yet. Making women uncomfortable in class by taking pictures of their legs is way over the line and creepy. The imaginary girlfriend that called him Spanky and that he called Jelly indicated that he really wasn't right. But when I went to take a look at anything new that had been posted, I have to say that I was completely shocked by the most recent development that explained at least one thing that happened during that two hour gap between the shooting - the creep took a package to the post office to mail to NBC a package of his deranged hatred in the form of pictures and videos.

I struggle with wanting to look away but finding it hard to do so. I want to take a moment to learn something about each person whose life was stolen just as a way of showing respect for fellow human beings that I didn't know. Something that makes them more than just a number of 1 through 32. I'm like that. Just my personal way of being. And then I want to understand still "why" and "how" (maybe it's human nature to think that if we can identify it, we can prevent it, even if it's not entirely true?), which leads to me this killer who is so creepy that it's distracting and just hard to stay focused on the place where my thoughts really belong - with those whose hearts are grieving for their sudden loss. I cannot even begin to imagine any words of comfort, but a glimpse of each person's story and a look at their photos at least gives a thumbnail sketch of who it is that's missed so terribly. Perhaps there's some comfort in knowing that so many others are doing the same and are keeping the families in our thoughts. Maybe not. But I do hope. And there's really not much else that can be done anyway. Sadly.

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