Saturday, May 26, 2007

Banana Banana Bread Tastes Good

Finally a 3 day weekend. Ever notice how after the New Year there are zero holidays (the non-working kind) for about half a year all the way until Memorial Day? Then they start trickling in roughly every other month and ending the year with a whole bunch at once? There's got to be a better way to balance this out more evenly. In any case, the holiday portion of the year has arrived, so life is good this fine Friday. Our big plans are to do a whole bunch of nothing, and I can't wait. I might even have a latte to celebrate - hard to believe, but since the move and no Dutch Bros drive through on the way to work, my morning latte is no more. There's an extra roughly $75 per month / $900 per year that I can't believe I was spending. See, I'm already saving money again. I do miss it when I drink that first cup of watered down brew at work (dark and rich coffee is really the only way), but my trusty one-cupper still cheers me up for the second cup and makes it all better. Ever since Coffee-mate came out with Coconut Creme and Blueberry Cobbler (no, it's really not too sweet) flavors, even a not so good cup of coffee is fabulous. Add it to some REAL coffee made by my man, and it's heaven. Long weekends and endless pots of good coffee are about as perfect as it gets.

Anyway, what I really meant to post before I got all carried away with my excitement of coffee and holidays, was this incredible recipe.

This Banana Banana Bread (yes, banana x2) is perfect in every way. I baked it in one of those cool silicone bread pans** (was on sale at Target cheap enough for my cheap ass to try it), and it popped right out, perfectly golden crust with delicious texture and flavor inside. Oh, and I added 1 cup of chopped walnuts, too. The secret (along with using bananas that are old enough to start looking pretty rugged) has to be the additional bananas, more than most recipes. I used 4 and came close to the right amount, but I think I'll plan on maybe just one more next time. Such an easy recipe.

The silicone bread pan scared me the first time I used it since it smelled chemically while baking and left a weird aftertaste, but I decided to run it through the dishwasher one more time and take a chance. Luckily it worked. Glad I didn't toss it.

Let's all drive sober this weekend and not hurt or kill each other, yeah?

**Update 7/17/07. Avoid the blue Chefmate silicone loaf pan that looks identical to the one in the link (the Wilton one I also bought is fine). Remember how I said it smelled chemically and tasted the same early on but that the banana bread tasted fine? I let that lull me into the belief that it would be OK for future use, and when I tried using it for my half recipe of always yummy beef enchiladas, the same exact thing happened so that they were inedible. That's two entire meals that went into the trash along with my money for the death pan and the recipe ingredients.

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