Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How I Spent My Long Weekend

It's Tuesday already. We need more of those holiday Mondays. A part of me does feel almost guilty for enjoying the weekend so much, though, considering the reason for yesterday's holiday was Memorial Day and the sad number of soldiers who continue to die doing their job. I have my own thoughts on what we are doing Iraq, as does almost any American, but since our soldiers are not the ones making policy, that's not the point. For now, they just go to work. They do their jobs. Their families wait and pray. The rest of us sometimes just take them for granted, going about our days and forgetting, as long as we feel safe enough here on our own soil. And then Memorial Day comes along as a reminder. As always, the numbers get in the way, large anonymous numbers that sort of blend individuals together, but for each number, there is a real person with parents and aunts and friends and maybe even spouses and kids. Most puzzling to me are those who leave behind a fiance - almost a spouse, but not quite and not legally enough for any real acknowledgment, yet likely grieving just as much as a real spouse. Real men and women, past and present. Men and women who, for whatever reason - doesn't matter, chose to personally step up for their country. I'm grateful.

And now, following that, what I did over the weekend seems trivial, so I'll just say that the weekend started with my man, who was sweet enough to surprise me with a few books I'd wanted for years, then a very nice belated birthday present from my favorite relative, and ended with finally finding the perfect like new (but very much cheaper than new) couch on Craigslist. In between, lots of coffee and relaxing and just enjoying life. Perhaps that by itself is a thank you to those brave folks who have made it possible.

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