Thursday, May 24, 2007

No More Meerkats

Still loving life in the new home. One of the temporary little "perks" has been having real cable since we've been there, and I'm trying to decide if I will really miss it when the 2 month deal is up. Until now, we've been somewhat content with just the roughly $8 per month cable (yep, I'm that cheap) - basically just the major networks and little else. The only reason I went with the "deal" and started getting a all these extra channels is because of the whole installation game that Comcast likes to play. Moving within the area, they still wanted to charge me $80 for the transfer (TV & internet) because of the supposed installation involved (plug cables into walls, plug cables into TVs, plug cable into cable modem - boom, done). $80! So I let the guy talk me into a $30 install instead by signing up for a package (Perfect TV Package) that they don't show on their website (terrible website for trying to compare packages) and getting the package for half price at $32 for 2 months. Still better than paying $80 for an install. There were major issues for the first week because they change your account number when you move (?), I guess, and they weren't provisioning the modem to the new account correctly but kept sending tech guys out needlessly. Glad I didn't pay the full $80 for all of that hassle because we kept having to explain and be home, etc. They should have been paying us instead.

In any case, I've been re-enjoying some of the channels I've missed. Watching Three's Company on TV Land in the middle of the night is fun (the old school ones with the Ropers, not the ones with Furley). Animal Planet has Meerkat Manor (incredible - reality TV for meerkats - I had no idea what I was missing) and all of the Animal Cops shows that make me cry. Having all the news channels is nice - I'm a news junkie. And yet beyond that, there is really just not much on. Maybe $32 worth during the deal, but definitely not $64 worth of interesting once that is over.

On my regular $8 TV, I still have some options, but most have already had their finales. Lost will be over for awhile after tonight, though thankfully with an end now in sight so that we can finally start getting some answers along with new questions. Ugly Betty (one of the best shows on TV) had an incredible finale. Desperate Housewives had their finale and has gotten better after it wasn't for awhile. The Office had another good finale and makes me wonder what they will do with next season (I don't like Karen. At all.). ER - been watching this long, can't stop now - though it's time for the end already, so I almost hope there's just one more season left. The Bitchelor was just as mindless as ever (at least he picked who I wanted this time), but Mindless Monday is a good way to end that day of the week, so I watched and laughed.

Fortunately (or maybe not...), summer TV brings my other old favorite, Wife Swap (I know, I know... but I love that show and am beyond saving). Fox's On the Lot that started last night looked like it could be decent. Hell's Kitchen is usually entertaining enough to have on in the background while I do something productive with my life. Hopefully there will be more of these new or forgotten gems once I'm again on the cheapo $8 plan.


  1. Ahhh, another victim of the LOST vortex. I have been in its clutches from the start....but Summer is coming, shows are winding down and it's time to get out and PLAY !!!

  2. And wow, Lost strikes again. I knew it would be something good, but I was not prepared at all for what we saw and all the new questions. So I can play in the summer (and enjoy Wife Swap), but that will do nothing for the stretch after summer all the way to bloody February when Lost returns.


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