Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Chantix Experiment

Since my little experiment with taking Chantix on an empty stomach went fine this morning, I'm back for more. I'm sitting in front of a Hazelnut Iced Coffee from McDonald's, and it turns out that it really is incredibly good (and even cheaper than Dutch Bros, which is sadly too far away for me to indulge regularly - I could almost put up another quit meter type thing on how much I've saved without spending that $3.50 every morning since the move - one more vice to give up and I could damn near retire, all the money I was spending that now I'm not). So, anyway, I just took my Chantix with my iced coffee, no water. I'm just boldly skating right along the edge today, aren't I?

More on this iced coffee thing. I love all things coffee, including iced coffee, and I'm glad that it finally became mainstream here. Back 10+ years ago when I lived in Japan, even McDonald's served iced coffee just as normal as Coke or anything else but with this weird little container of something like corn syrup instead of sugar, and I fell in love. This was pre-Starbucks-on-every-corner in either country, though my Japanese friends tell me has now happened there (though still not at all likely in my corner of the inkaka rice fields I called home). When I would come back to the US for a week or two in the summer, it drove me nuts that there was almost nowhere to buy an iced coffee (Olive Garden was the only place I knew of that served it), and most people thought it was strange that I would even want to drink coffee at that temperature on purpose. People seem to have changed their tunes a bit now, and I'm just glad it's an option. I like options. Especially coffee related options.

The day that coffee or tea flavored jell-o is served here, like at my favorite restaurant in Japan with a little carton of creamer and a tiny spoon (I brought back tons of those), is the day that my life will be complete.

And now after that blather, the results of my experiment seem to be that yes, at least this time, I can take a Chantix with an iced coffee instead of water and not get nauseous. I'm liking Chantix more each day. And I'm still not smoking here on Day 13 (Chantix Day 25 - corrected), even better.


  1. Good job on your smoking cessation!

    Chantix does help, I'm on my 10th month now, and soon will be able to enjoy cheaper health and life insurance!

  2. Awesome to hear success even further down the path!


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