Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breathing Day 10 / Chantix Day 22

I don't know why, but I'm more excited about Day 10 not smoking that I was about reaching the week mark. And that's even though I've noticed a few extra urges this morning (some days there are just more...) but also noticed that getting into my car and not smoking didn't seem at all strange like it did that first day. I don't know exactly what day that mind shift happened, but I'm glad.

Other stuff I've noticed:
  • Nausea with Chantix (which I love for how well it's working). Taking Chantix does still make my stomach not feel so great sometimes for about 15-30 minutes after taking it, but as I've posted before, nausea is less if I take it when not too hungry or not too full. This morning I feel a little more nauseous anyway, so go figure.
  • Dreams on Chantix. My "Chantix Dreams" are not quite as noticeable or entertaining anymore, but they have also not turned into the scary sleepless creepy ones I call "the vivids," so I'll take less entertainment and be OK. I woke up this morning not really remembering what I dreamed, but I think I did dream something. This is compared to first being on Chantix and waking up able to practically write an entire novel about every detail I dreamed.
  • Coughing while Conscious. I'm still coughing, but maybe a little less. I do know that I can't yet have a good belly laugh without it ending in a coughing fit (one of those little goals that pulls me through the urges). I had a mini-coughing fit this morning, but shorter than they used to be, and I didn't feel as breathless when it was over.
  • Coughing while Unconscious. I haven't noticed because I'm, well, asleep when it happens, but Tom mentioned yesterday that lately he hasn't heard me coughing in the night. Apparently that was a pretty common thing. I do vaguely remember sometimes waking up in the middle of the night sometimes pissed off that I was awake and not sure why only to realize that I was hacking up a lung. I apparently became so professional at it that sometimes I didn't wake up. But I did wake Tom up (or he was still up...).
  • Smoke Runs. I used to find it really irritating and annoying when I would be low on cigarettes and would have to haul my ass out to the store no matter what the time or weather, so half the time I would beg and barter and make Mt Dew or Snickers related deals with Tom to get him to go for me. I absolutely love not having to go or convince him to go anywhere when we are at home hanging out and not really wanting to leave. It's a feeling of freedom, really. I spend less money, too, because I used to call the additional cost of Mt Dew/Snickers/other badness the "surcharge" on a pack of smokes, and it all adds up when you buy pack by pack by pack (over the past few years I always thought quitting was right around the corner, so I often tended not to buy cartons).
  • Habit Urges. Like I mentioned above, getting into my car this morning didn't make me think of smoking, and in general, that part is starting to fall into place. While I do still have smoking urges, they are coming at more random times rather than out of habit at exact times when I would usually smoke (such as getting into my car, right after dinner, etc.). Clearly the one right before bed still vexes me, but it, too, will go away. Someday.


  1. Wow, so good to hear about all the changes. Just the first 10 days bring about amazing changes! Isn't that so wonderful! Imagine a year down the road!

    How strange. I really had only one short nausea after taking the med this past week on the full dose. Just once out of 16 full dose pills. I think that's good statistics. So I'm sorry you still get that. But as you posted before, it's a small price to pay, and it's really not that bad of a nausea.

  2. Yep, not bad nausea and well worth it for the benefits! Glad yours has left.


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