Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chantix Day 10 & Desperate Bloggers

Day 10 on Chantix (previous days here). Blech. Yep, that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about having a smoke. If I mention smoking to someone, my hand moves automatically to my stomach without thinking like when you feel like throwing up. Wow. This doesn't mean that I'm having none quite yet, but I am more certain than ever that I am going to be able to quit by my self-imposed deadline of Wed June 20 (one week longer than instructed) if not sooner. I think I had about 7 or 8 cigarettes yesterday. This is compared to roughly a pack a day (which was down from my crazy Japan days when I was almost up to 2 packs). For the most part I don't feel all that nauseous except for a short time after taking the pill sometimes, but last night when I smoked I came back inside feeling kind of yucky. The morning cigarette on the way to work doesn't seem to be as bad - maybe because I've usually not taken the morning dose (1mg) yet or have just taken it minutes prior. As for the smoking out of habit at certain times thing, I didn't even want one on the way home from work or after dinner (!), so I didn't have one. I'm aiming for the same tonight. And thank God for a Friday night and that I'm not trying to quit coffee.

Now a little thing about blogging. I know that I have close to zero readers (well, some days a few more than that), but I enjoy blogging, so I do it anyway. I enjoy reading and remembering some of what I've written in the past, and Tom seems to like it, my nephew reads sometimes, once in awhile other friends pop by, so I'll keep writing until I decide I'm no longer interested. If other people find me and decide to read along, well, that's cool, too. But what I promise I will never, ever do is repeatedly post HITs on MTurk begging for people to comment on my blog or link to it. Is it just me, or is that kind of desperate? Currently there is one requester offering $0.04 for a comment to his blog (and $0.15 to link to it - not worth it to me, so no link here) and another offering $0.05 on his. I suppose it's better than "a penny for your thoughts," but kind of creepy/dishonest somehow to me. I don't want to call anyone out because that's not how I am, and these change constantly anyway, but I'll probably search for those kinds of HITs once in awhile just for entertainment instead of smoking.


  1. This is a funny post...not near as the sometimes, so I'm written too, "mean spirited" posts/comments I leave on my other blog.

    That blog btw has maybe 10 or so regular and/or periodic commenters...but they always come back and I never had to pay them.

    I'm enjoying your posts on quitting smoking with chantix. I only tonight before this blog began reading the side effects. I ended up on some horror page which focused only on the side effects and those that had them.

    I contemplated going the route I quit several years ago Zyban and the Patch and excercise (it worked but I go around bad triggers 6 months or so later and let my guard down only to become the "SNEAK SMOKER" hahaha)

    Anyway, I went back to another forum with just regular people trying to quit and it was a bit more balanced.

    I finally decided tonight that I'm going with the chantix. As I'm a very rare dreamer, and like you when I was on the patch I had dreams and not bad ones (or good ones) but DREAMS...and I thought this cool.

    So, right now I'm looking at that side effect as a positive. I'm also preparing to keep a journal right next to my bed so I have some notes to blog about the dreams.

    Right now I'm kinda stuck on the date I want to use to quit. I'm thinking starting the Chantrix around the 15th of the month with a drop dead stop smoking on January 2, 2008.

    Thats the plan, needs some refinement, I'll refine and post on my own blog.

    Cyber $100 bill for you fine thoughts...


  2. Scott, I commented over on your blog (so delighted that you plan to blog about your experience!), and I think your plan sounds great and similar to my 2 weeks on Chantix as a drop dead quit date.

    The side effects do seem to be an issue for some, but lots of us are lucky enough to not have much trouble. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on anything odd you experience on any medication, especially something so new, and talk to your doctor if it seems particularly concerning.


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