Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chantix Day 3 and Maybe a Robot

Today is my 3rd day on Chantix (getting to Day 1 is here), and so far, so good. I haven't noticed a lot of changes quite yet, but that's a good thing because I was concerned about those dreams I call "the vivids" or having tummy trouble issues. So far just a tiny bit of the latter, but nothing terrible, and nothing I care to elaborate on (you're welcome). Overall, I'm smoking just about as much as usual, but a really weird thing happened when I got in my car after work - no desire at all to have that end of workday cigarette that is usually one of my favorites. So I didn't have one, and actually waited quite awhile until after dinner before I even had any interest. Maybe it's starting to work? Tomorrow the dose jumps up, so we'll see if that brings any further changes.

Meanwhile, I've still been playing around on MTurk seeing how much closer I can get to that Dustbuster goal, but I'm pretty much there and up to a bit over $40 already (thanks in large part to the very quick and dirty $0.01 HITS that I blew through yesterday). I've gotten to thinking that a Dustbuster might not be quite as much fun as this Roomba for Pets (or maybe even this more expensive one that allows scheduling), though. See, the whole point of the Dustbuster was for all that damn kitty litter tracking, but if the Roomba could just go in there periodically and make it all go away while I do other stuff, well, that would be even better. I have $100 from from the move (find apartment on their site, they confirm it, wait several weeks and get a Visa gift card thingy) and $100 in birthday/Christmas money I've been squirreling away just waiting for the perfect frivolous thing to spend it on, so if I combine that with my goofing around on MTurk, I can just about justify a Roomba. And how cool would it be to own a little robot?

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