Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chantix Day 4 Before the Ramp Up

It's Day Four on Chantix (other days are here), and tonight is the start of the ramping up process where I'll take an additional pill for a total of 1mg instead of just the 0.5 I've been taking. So far, there have been some very small changes.

The "changes in dreaming" side effect has so far actually been kind of cool instead of the horrible restless "the vivids" I was afraid I'd have (some folks on Chantix haven't been as lucky). My dreams are different, and they have taken on a more real and vivid feeling (sometimes even hilarious like the one I had when I dozed off and took a nap on the new couch today), but just without the accompanying sense of terror and waking up feeling like I haven't slept. Hopefully the increased does will not bring on the bad dream stuff.

Other than that, once in awhile I think I'm smoking less, but for the most part I haven't really slowed down much. I do sometimes feel just a tinge of nauseousness after a smoke, but not enough to stop me. Some of the other stomach issues mentioned as Chantix side effects have gradually become pretty real but still not bad enough to turn back now, and I just hope that these will not get too much worse. I've been careful to actually eat breakfast (a new habit) before taking my pill and having a full glass of water with it just like the directions say (wow), and that seems to keep any real nausea away - I've been amazed reading blogs/boards with people who say it makes them throw up but that they take it on an empty stomach. No thanks.

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