Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chantix Day 6

Well, I think it's starting to work (other Chantix days are here). Saturday was the first ramp up in dosing, and I definitely noticed that yesterday I smoked much, much less. Something like 5 cigarettes the whole day. Of course, today is Monday, which means being at work, which means getting up to smoke just to walk away from hell for a minute. Still, even that's been a little less today, maybe half as often. The "tummy trouble" side effects that were kicking in have pretty much gone away for now. I've actually come to *love* the crazy Chantix dreams. As I said previously, the dreams have, indeed, been vivid, but not the bad kind I was fearing that kept me from actually feeling like I'd slept. So far one of the best dreams had to do with the most delicious ravioli I've never actually had (since it was all in the dream...) - no idea where I was, who fed it to me, what kind of sauce, just that they were round and full of beef and absolute heaven. That kind of "changes in dreaming" I can handle. Hell, if I keep having food dreams, I might not have to eat as much while I'm awake and won't gain wait with the big quit - that would eliminate one of my ridiculous not even a real reason for smoking.

I've given myself 2 weeks instead of the 1 week after starting Chantix to quit. I decided this up front after talking with my friend who quit doing the same, and we all know that my completely useless doctor (OK, he was useful in getting the Chantix prescribed, so just mostly useless) has no opinion. Considering that I'm already craving less but not quite all the way ready to take the leap right at this moment, this additional buffer may be a good thing because that would otherwise be 2 days from now. Of course, if I feel ready before the 2 weeks, that's even better. That's just my drop dead (no pun intended - I hate puns) date.

And now it's time to write my "Dear Cigarettes" letter. This idea/task/activity popped up on both the email from my health plan as well as on the GETQUIT program, so even if it sounds cheesy and a little silly and hokey, I'm willing to give it a try. I've been through the reasons to quit, my triggers, etc. a million times, but I've never written the letter. May as well give it a shot since my methods up to this point did not make me not a smoker - who knows which cheesy idea is the one that helps, right?

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