Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chantix Day 7

Well, I don't know. As much as I felt like the Chantix was working (previous days of the saga are here) and as wonderful as it was to not want to smoke much on the weekend, it seems to be no match for the workday. These past two days I've been pretty smoking darn close to the normal amount, so I'm really starting to think that there really might be more to the whole "what are your triggers" question than I really bothered to truly consider. The interesting thing is that even if the actual craving itself is not super strong (maybe the Chantix actually is working some), the trigger habit apparently really is. The good news is that there is more Chantix where today's pill came from, and starting tomorrow, the dose goes up to 2mg. I've read more than a few places where people didn't notice a huge difference until around Day 9 or so. In any case, I'm very, very glad that I put my quit date out to two weeks out instead of just the one week as prescribed (which would have been tomorrow). At the two week mark, I'm done regardless of how happy I am about it or not, but I am still hoping that it truly will be just a bit easier than the times I didn't make it.

The first time I heard that nicotine was as addictive as heroin or cocaine, I wasn't terribly surprised (though I still wonder exactly how they measure something like that exactly), and I ran across that tidbit again when I found this pretty comprehensive guide about quitting smoking, which also has a lot of really good information.

Chantix dreams still rock!


  1. If I read your blog correctly, tomorrow (Wednesday) you go to full dose. You will not want to smoke tomorrow. Trust me. I'm the 4th person I know on Chantrix - all of us heavy smokers and we've had pretty much the exact same experience. It all sort of starts on the day your dose doubles. I actually smoked much more in the ramp up period than later on. I'm on day 15 now. I've had friends blow smoke in my face, doesn't bother me a bit - there's just no 'want' for nicotine. I hope this feeling lasts forever.

    Good luck!

  2. That's just the thing I needed to read, thanks! Happy Breathing to You!


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