Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Come to My Window (or Get Away from My Window)

Fresh Breath Day 9 / Chantix Day 21 - Feeling pretty good! Still just a tad bit of nausea for just 15 minutes or so after taking the pill last night, but still very minimal and then gone.

Smokers are becoming more rare. When we moved into our new apartment, I wondered who the other one was near my building. I've never seen this person, and only sometimes noticed the smoke, until about 8 days ago. Then once I quit smoking, suddenly I'm all nose, and the smoke comes through the window just enough that it kind of antagonizes me if I let it. I never know which way my mind will go with it, either "mmm, remember when" (breathing in just a tiny bit deeper, wanting to stand closer to the window but not doing it) or "ew, gross, smoke, glad I don't" (carrying on with life) or "ohmygod if they don't stop I'm going to be driven nuttier" (closing all windows on a hot day like a crazy person). I guess my life would be kind of dull if my mind was consistent.


  1. I smoked outside all the time, and I knew, I just knew, the smoke was drifting to other people's apartments...and sometimes I heard they were getting mad, by slamming their windows shut, etc. Well, I know now - kind of - how they felt. Imagine me smoking 5-10 cigs a night, and all the smoke up their windows. Poor people! And before I'd just justify my habit, thinking, "Oh, they'll just deal with it, I live here, too." How horrible.

  2. Yeah.. know what you mean with the whole consistent mind thing. Suppose the nuttiness does at least make things interesting.

  3. Stan, I was no different. I was out there, too. Funny how inconsiderate it turns out I really was in the face of feeding my addiction - I did try to be considerate overall about it, but when push came to shove, I needed to smoke.

    Lakasha, yep, nutty is good!


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