Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cruel Summer

Most nights I have "a pod" (as opposed to "a pot") - usually decaf because before that switch I stayed up even later than my bad 12AM-2AM habit and would get "the vivids," those too real dreams I complain about. My little one-cupper has been so special to me that I own two (one on my desk at work) and once devoted an entire blog entry to it. I've been being tough and hanging in there not smoking (thank you, Chantix), and I don't even ask for much out of life, just a nice pod of decaf on school nights after a long day (and today's events at work absolutely qualified me for a long day award). As Tom called me into the kitchen, I could tell by his voice that either one of our cats was dead on the kitchen floor or that something was wrong with my coffee. My little one cupper is no more. Plugging, unplugging, replugging, pushing the button, not pushing the button and praying over it, pushing the button again, not pushing the button again and cursing at it - nothing. Nothing works. It's dead. And so ends a cruel day at the start of what can only be a cruel summer (couldn't resist) - smokeless (yes, yes, it's a good thing, blah, blah) and, alas, coffee-less (most certainly not a good thing), too.

Other than that, the night is actually going OK. Very few urges to smoke. Probably the fewest so far, I think.


  1. Aww, that's crazy. Being deprived of coffee just adds to the already hard fight of quitting smoking. Can't you get a new machine?

    Hang on in there, the summer won't be that cruel...

  2. I *could* get a new machine and call it money saved not smoking, but I'm kind of cheap (and already have 4 other coffee makers on my counter top...)


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