Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day Two

I made it through all of yesterday without a cigarette, and other than a couple of hours in the evening, it really wasn't too bad. Chantix definitely makes all the difference (my Chantix journey is here). I was trying to space the pills out pretty close to every 12 hours since it says twice a day - 8:00-ish AM and 8:00-ish PM - but I think I'm going to adjust this to more like the same in the morning but something closer to 5:00-ish PM. Hopefully this will help with the craving onset I had last night. I just hope I still get the cool dreams! Those seem to be a bit tamer lately, but maybe I'm just getting more used to them. In other side effects, the nausea has reared its head a few times somewhat but not terribly strongly (except maybe yesterday morning for a bit), so it's real, but so far it hasn't been all that bad. The lack of cravings (other than last night) and just a few easier to cope with urges here and there definitely outweigh feeling a little pukey once in awhile. This morning I feel kind of spacey and sleepy (what's new), but just very rare little urges to smoke pop up and then disappear quickly. Cool.

I found an interesting post from a pharmacist about different ways your doctor might screw up your Chantix prescription (maybe my doc wasn't so bad after all) along with great pictures of exactly how the packaging looks at each step. The pharmacist also addresses the issue of stomach side effects and how there is yet another lower dose option for people whose feeling pukey/farting/bloating/general-gastric-badness has reached a point of intolerable. Good to know.


  1. You should get over most of the side effects in another week or so. Chantix is a psych med, and seems to follow the progression of psych med side effects fairly well, meaning you get accustomed to it, and your serum levels of varenicline plateau, and they go away for the duration of the time that you're on it, so long as you take it consistently.

    Wow, that's a huge sentence. :)

  2. Lovely, I thought my doc was wrong when she prescribed only one month of Chantix with no refills. Now I know she was actually right.

    Awesome to hear you're doing so well! I'm getting antsy and excited at the same time for the changes I feel due to taking Chantix and my quit coming up this Friday.


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