Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Doctor Doctor

Day 9 smoke free continues to plug along, thanks in part to it also still being Chantix Day 21. The workday is still definitely the easiest (not what I expected). The urges come, they annoy me, the urges go away again. I'm getting used to the rhythm, and it's not so bad. Still, it will be nice when the thought of sucking on poison has zero appeal. You know, like normal people.

It turns out that my asshole doctor might not be so bad after all. I mean, he did not only get my initial "starter pack" of Chantix correct, but it turns out that he's already also ordered the correct continuing packs. Considering some doctors get this wrong, I feel lucky (it's scary that doctors in my health plan not screwing up is remarkable enough to mention - yes, thank you God for the apparent luxury of even having health insurance, let alone one that covers Chantix; every day, I'm grateful). His bedside manner still sucks. Anyway, I called the pharmacy ahead this morning, and they'll have my continuing month (1 of 2 more) supply ready sometime tomorrow. Tomorrow I start my last week of the mini-pack I already have (if this all makes no sense, again look here), so there's plenty of time, but I like having my little Chantix ducks all in a row and ready to go. Avoiding surprises while quitting smoking, especially as they relate to my Chantix Rx, is a good and prudent thing.


  1. I'm so very happy for you! And proud. And hopeful that maybe after another week or two on the Chantix I'll be tougher.

    I do envy you Tom, though. I wish I had a support system of real live folks here in Atlanta who could help me fight. Going solo is tough, I see now.

  2. Thank you, Danielle. You'll do it. I am very lucky to have Tom. You do have all of us out here blogging, and we are right there with you.


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