Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Night Sweetheart

First, before anything else, over at Danielle's blog, today is Danielle's quit day. I bet she'll update, but she did tell me that she is doing it, and this day hasn't killed her. The first day of my not smoking journey really wasn't as bad as I feared it would be (even if it wasn't the easiest day ever).

Now about this Goodnight thing. Going to bed has become really difficult, and I'm staying up entirely too late (2AM last night). Part of this is just that I am a night owl, but the newest little quirk is the idea that I used to always, as in without fail, have a smoke before bed (Tom's personal favorite, I'm sure). Now that I don't smoke, it's like it's never time for bed. I'll be sitting there at 11:30PM thinking, "Should go to bed. OK after a smoke. Wait, I don't smoke. Well, let me screw around online for awhile more then instead of smoking, and then I'll go to bed." A half hour passes. It occurs to me again that I should be heading towards bed, I decide I will after... Endless, until I can't keep my eyes open anymore and just drag my ass in there. This is silly. I'm not a smoker. I can go to bed right after I think of it if I want, but my body/mind habit doesn't know that yet. At least the cool Chantix dreams (fewer now, but still there and still the good kind instead of the scary "vivids") give me more to look forward to when I do make it there.

I have more to post, but can't right now. Stuff that has to be done is calling me.


  1. You know, I'll be honest with you. I am dealing with the very same issue, and part of it is caffeine, but the major reason you have such a hard time falling asleep is your quit. Not Chantix, not the disruption of your usual smoke-before-sleep routine, not caffeine, nothing but a pure side effect of quitting. You know what I've tried before, and it actually worked. Not my favorite thing to do, but it works most of the time (you have to want it to work, too). I know I should sleep, say, by 12am. I go to bed at 11pm, and just lay there with eyes closed, try to relax and not to think about it. That usually works (except when I take a nap after work). Simple as it is, it lets your body to unwind and relax, and usually you're pretty tired by 11-12 so that's all you need to help your body to transition to sleep..... The only thing that sucks is that sometimes I won't fall asleep for 30-40 minutes, but better than wasting triple of that time online doing nothing.


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