Sunday, June 24, 2007

Idle Hands

Continuation of Day 6 smoke free / Chantix Day 18. I wound up taking a nice long nap, which means that those couple of hours of not smoking were pretty darn easy, and then having a nice long bath with yummy smelling girl bath stuff that wouldn't just get covered up with stinky smoke kept me entertained for a while more. In fact, I still smell nice. Since my eyebrows had gone way out of control to the point of looking really bad for this reason, I finally got around to plucking them and didn't think about smoking at all - plus it gave me something to do with my hands for 30 minutes (there was a lot of work to do).

We decided against Evan Almighty since the reviews haven't been all that great (if I'm shelling out what it costs to see a movie in the theater, it better be good) and tried to see Knocked Up instead, but when we got out there, it turns out that the movie times online were very wrong - that's never happened before. I was kind of annoyed because seeing a movie sounded like a great non-smoking thing to do. Sitting through an entire movie and not wiggling around with cravings is something I look forward to as a non-smoker because in the past it was rugged. I never did get around to the car wash since I was napping, but maybe tomorrow. We took his car because mine stinks.

Overall, this first smoke free Saturday wasn't as bad as I feared, but weekends are a different kind of challenge, for certain. Interestingly, the Chantix did make me really nauseous after a belly full of Taco Bell and a soft drink instead of water on the way to the movie that we wouldn't see. The trick for me does seem to continue to be to take it on a "medium stomach" - not empty, and not after eating a bunch. I think this is why the small bowl of cereal or granola bar for the first one in the morning has been pretty OK, as has the 2nd dose around 5PM when I've already had lunch but haven't already had a big dinner. I'm almost looking forward to Monday just to be back on my normal schedule with fewer idle hands moments to fill - I know, I can't believe I just said that either. Bite my tongue.

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