Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jeez 115 Cigarettes?

So I added the little quit meter thing to the top of my page mainly because it's a quick way to take a peek once in awhile at my progress not smoking, and I can't believe that it says "115 cigarettes not smoked." I suppose it shouldn't surprise me considering how quickly it seemed I could fill an ashtray, but wow, that's kind of a big number. Another one of those little things that got my attention. Even more scary is that I went with very conservative numbers on the meter - I went with the least case scenario of 15 cigarettes a day and average cost of $4.00 per pack, but I do know that some days I had more than 15 - more like 20 or 25 (back in my Japan days smoking at my desk I was getting close to 2 packs a day). The $4.00 is just a guess, too, because some places were $3.80, others were $4.25, and if I wasn't paying close enough attention and was stupid enough to end up in a Plaid Pantry with no other good options, it could be $5.50. Still, I think the meter is probably on the lower end of close to my typical pattern over the past several months.

What the meter didn't calculate is the 3 - 5 minutes for each of those 115 cigarettes: 5.75 to 9.6 HOURS of my LIFE roughly each week that I don't get back. I'm an English major, not a Math major, so someone tell me if I botched the calculation, but that seems like a lot of time spent killing myself even if my math ain't right... Thank you, Chantix.


  1. Hi! Came here via Marcus blog & his non-smoking adventures. I have the quitmeter on my blog too. At week 17, it shows 3,026 cigs not smoked. I have almost saved a house payment!
    I'm finding not smoking kind of a spiritual journey. Sorta getting reacquainted with how my own body works without nicotine.

  2. Wow, Jen. Now that is truly amazing. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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