Saturday, June 23, 2007

Me Time

My first Friday night, Day 5 smoke free, was a little tougher, but I've made it through and am almost ready for bed. The weekend is when I look forward to relaxing with large pots of coffee "man-made" by Tom. I am in love with him for his coffee making skill, and I'm in love with my awesome coffee maker that grinds the beans itself right before brewing (mine with thermal carafe is no longer available, but it's otherwise basically this one, and now they've updated with the same with the new model with built in weather - wow, crazy, kind of silly).

Until this weekend, all this serious relaxing and coffee drinking also always meant going outside to enjoy a smoke pretty much whenever I wanted because that was me, and it was "me time." Tonight was kind of a shocker to my Friday state of mind, I think. I look forward to the point when whatever new definition I come up with for "me time" is firmly implanted in my brain. So much of quitting smoking is retraining the brain, I think.

Really, though, while tonight was a bit more rugged than last night, now that I'm headed off to bed and thinking back, it wasn't quite as bad as those first couple of nights - and with the Chantix it's nothing like the weeks of agony I remember from other times. Breathing in deeply and drinking water are still my two favorite tools next to the Chantix. Well, that and finding others who are at various stages of the same process - I updated the links in my previous post and added my links from because they'll update themselves, so that's probably easiest, and I think that kind of thing is neat.

One last thing - I can't get over the amount of energy I've had the past two days. It's incredible. In fact, today I remembered how I started feeling noticeably more drained when I started smoking the last time, but as I kept going, that just became my natural state.

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  1. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!
    Thanks for stopping by last night, (this morning)!

    I woke up to your comment on my site, because thats the first thing I do when I wake up, is sit down at my lover and light a cig.
    You rock!
    I'll be reading and ya !


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