Sunday, June 24, 2007

No Cigarette Diet

And now we begin Day 6 not smoking / Chantix Day 18. I wound up staying awake until about 3:00AM - it's not insomnia or anything related to Chantix, it's just related to being me. I was having more of the very weird "Chantix dreams" version of sleep: a couple of people I love dearly died (but I got to make my peace before they went, so it was actually a good thing, kind of), and then I was inside some strange but gorgeous religious cult place (after driving through their landscaping) with silver walls and lots of marble where everyone had adopted Chinese babies. Those were the highlights. The dreams have been less dramatic lately after the full on weirdness at the start, but I'm still glad to say that none of my Chantix dreams have ever been "the vivids" as I call the ones that make me feel exhausted when I wake up - these are just interesting. I was drawn out of the strange cult place at about 9:00AM when I was awakened by a puking cat aiming for the brand new carpet in our still "new" feeling apartment. I managed to get him in time, but after all that, I was ready for some coffee, so I just got up.

I went to the Chantix GetQuit page like I do every day, and I almost cracked up at how true it is when they had this to say:

Coping with the Weekends

You know how dieters sometimes “let themselves go” on the weekends? Well, sorry. There is no cigarette diet. There is only quitting, and staying quit. Weekends can be especially tough for former smokers. Saturdays and Sundays are kick-back time. Time to relax and de-stress. Most likely, that used to include smoking. To get through the weekend, you need to plan ahead. Figure out what you’re going to do. Think about where you’re going to do it. And who’ll be with you. Make it easier on yourself. Try to go to places that don’t allow smoking. Ask your friends not to smoke near you. Often, drinking and smoking go hand in hand. So if you meet for a quick one, limit yourself to one. (Or two.) Alcohol can loosen your inhibitions and lessen your resolve.

That's exactly what I was trying to say about my Friday night "me time." Wow, it's not just me! On this weekend's agenda for me is still that car wash (inside and out), probably a movie (a rare treat), and another long walk to satisfy my curiosity about exactly how many minutes it would take me to get to the nearest coffee. In between, the urges are here in a noticeable way so far this morning, but still manageable (thank you Chantix) and not quite craving level (close sometimes), and the simple act of just breathing in is amazing. I didn't shoot out of the womb smoking or for 12 years after that (yep, I was 12 - scary), so it's really not something that I "need," no matter what my addled mind insists. Onward!


  1. Congrats on yet another smoke free day. I suppose when I actually do the full quit I am going to have to do something on the weekends. I have a bad tendency to spend most of my weekend time in my favorite local shady/smoky bar drinking and playing pool. My guess is no matter how badly I want to continue to do that it will take some time after quitting before I can walk in there.

  2. Your MySpace comment on my Chantix use, has led me here. I'm really taking some comfort from your writing and your links. It's such a damn rollercoaster ride so far -- absolute miserable desperation that borders on insanity, followed with the belief that I can and WILL do this. All in the space of 5 minutes.

  3. Heya Maggie.. I didn't even see ya had a MySpace page. I see you live in Oregon as well, where are you?

    Anyhow sent you a myspace friend add :)


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