Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Week Ago (Day 8 of Life, Day 20 of Chantix)

One week ago today, with a body full of Chantix that I'd taken a bit longer before quitting than on the 8th day is instructed (I waited until the 13th day), I woke up and knew that I was finally as ready as I was going to be to be all done smoking for good, and so began this journey to my smoke free life. I'd like to take a moment to be cheesy and break my arm patting myself on the back and also give thanks where it's due: to my crazy friend who told me about Chantix, to the other bloggers doing the same thing because it helps, and to my Tom who keeps me going just by telling me I smell nice. Oh, and also for cutting up celery sticks for me.

On this 8th day at the start of my 2nd week, I'm feeling strong. I've had some urges this morning. I save the word cravings for the times when they really are that strong, and that's been more rare on Chantix. I don't really expect them to go away completely. I hate it when I feel the desire to smoke because it confuses the whole non-smoking mindset I've been working on, but something I learned on other more rugged pre-Chantix attempts still holds true - at the moment the urge to smoke comes, it seems so powerful and like it will never go away, like I will feel that hellish urge *forever* with no recourse but to sit there and suffer, but guess what? IT'S NOT TRUE!

It's simply not true that the urge will last forever - in truth, the urge (or even a stronger craving) will probably last 5 minutes, maximum, and even shorter the further away I get from the time I sucked poison into my body. Hell, even my sorry butt can do 5 minutes. A couple of deep breaths, a few sips of water, a bite of celery, some mindless distraction, and I'm good to go. The catch, of course, is that during the really tough times (and there have been some, even with Chantix - just not as many or as bad as without), it's not long after making it through one urge/craving before another one pops up in its place. It's like that Whac-a-Mole game they had at the arcade growing up. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you see and even play Whac-a-Mole online here, or even buy one for your home for a mere $3795.00 (who knew?) with all that money saved by no longer buying poison in a pretty cellophane wrapped package. Anyway, the urges keep popping up, and I keep doing whatever it takes to bop them on their ugly little heads and smash them down, and I know also from the past that little by little, instead of speeding up like the moles in the game, the urges actually start to slow down and become fewer and further between so that it's even easier.


  1. There is absolutely nothing cheesy bout patting yourself on the back. You are doing GREAT!!

    I so appreciate your support btw.. and reading your thoughts. It is really helping.

  2. Thanks, Lakasha. I'm getting a lot out of what you have to say on your blog, too, because I can definitely relate.

  3. I am sort of nudging at you, linking my struggle with yours. I remember reading that you took a few test-runs right before quitting and I tried to do the same today.

    I'm pulling for you... and for me.

  4. Danielle - wishing you all the best tomorrow! I'll be reading along.


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