Friday, June 29, 2007

Time for a Reward

Today is Day 11 on my smoke-free journey (and Chantix Day 23 - corrected). The urges really seem to be slowing down a bit. They come, but either it's less often or I'm just not paying as much attention. I am still getting that 30 minute nausea thing after each pill lately, but it's really pretty mild - and well worth it for the benefits.

Everywhere I look today, I'm being told that it's time for me to reward myself. On the Chantix GetQuit program (which I do find somewhat helpful some days, by the way), on the little newsletter from my health plan (the program I had to enroll in to have Chantix covered by insurance - that was an easy decision) - they both said today that I need a treat.

I'm kind of amused with myself. Usually I am first in line to be the queen of doing something nice for myself. My tastes are not at all expensive, but I still pamper myself in my own way. Last weekend, my big reward was going to be that carwash (inside and out) that I still haven't gone to get. I will, and I might even get a latte, too (since the move it's no longer on the way to work, so I rarely even have them), and that will still be my reward. I just find it funny that I haven't done it yet considering how I am.

Of course, I'm still in great anticipation of the day I finally buy that Roomba (MTurk balance is now over $150 within the month - nice!, plus the $100 gift card I'm sitting on and the $100 in old birthday/Christmas money just waiting, and I'm pretty well there). And we did buy those curtains that night on Day 3 that I was going a little nutty with the urges, if that's kind of like a reward.

Otherwise, cheeseball corny trite and cliche as it might sound, the reward I'm content with today is that I'm starting to finally get a taste of the freedom of being a non-smoker. I've got a way to go, like when I am both done with the Chantix and also not still having urges - whenever that day is, but so far, so wonderful. I'm breathing, and it feels awesome. If I wasn't staying up so damn late every night, I bet I'd feel that extra energy even more (as it is, I just feel kind of tired, but not run down like I used to). Knowing that I'm on my way headed in the right direction is reward enough. I'll still get that carwash, though. And maybe a latte. But maybe not today. Today I'll just keep smelling nice.

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  1. I am so looking forward to feeling better. I hear you on thta being reward enough in many ways. Matter of fact I can't really think of a better reward or a better continued motivation for not smoking.

    After all in the end for me that is what this entire quit is all about.


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