Sunday, July 01, 2007

Well Rested (and a Chantix experiment)

Today is Day 13 Smoke-free / Chantix Day 25 (corrected). I woke up just a bit ago feeling really rested, and I remembered having some pretty crazy dreams more real than they have been, but not quite as vivid as the first few weeks on Chantix. This might be because I actually got some damn sleep for a change - I still stayed up late (3AM-ish), but I got to sleep in, too. I love Saturdays. Tom set my coffee up last night (because he is awesome), so I just had to hit the button this morning. The coffee is so good that I'm going to try an experiment. It's a couple of hours past my usual time to take my Chantix, so I want to take it right away, but I'm in the mood to just sip my perfect cups of coffee and skip breakfast, something I did for decades before starting Chantix but haven't done since starting it. What a rebel. I'll still drink some water, though. I should know in about 30 minutes how bad of an idea this is.

Update: No nausea. I think I'll still keep with the breakfast habit, but it worked this time.


  1. Thanks for that experiment... now I am at least know it is possible to skip the breakfast if I have to.

  2. I think I might have just gotten lucky because usually I get the nausea even when I eat before Chantix. It worked, though, so we'll see if it works again ever.


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