Thursday, July 05, 2007

17 Days Not Smoking, Chantix Day 29

Today hasn't been anywhere near as bad as most weekends are not smoking. Either the Chantix is working harder, or the nicotine addict section of my brain has gone on holiday because it's only one day off of work and not really an actual weekend. Whatever the reason, having only really minor urges here and there is a good thing. Strangely enough, I've had a couple of small coughing fits - I guess my lungs are still trying to heal from 20+ years of abuse.

I also had pretty significant nausea when I took my morning Chantix, too. I've gone back and forth with the nausea side effect issue and was starting to think that it had gone away, but this morning there it was, and worse than ever. Maybe it was the very heavy breakfast of leftover chile rellenos and other cheesy goodness I took it with (mid-meal). I've noticed before that the nausea from Chantix seems worse with greasy food. Not that I would ever junk like that ;)

Now, just a quick note on this Fourth of July, to thank from the bottom of my heart those admirable men and women willing to defend my freedom and the country that I love. Even with some of our distressing current issues, I am an American, and I am grateful. Another thank you to the families who go about their lives with courage while praying for the safe return of their spouses and parents, other family relations and dear friends. And to those living their worst fear having lost someone, any words I can say sound inadequate, but you have my sympathy and respect, and you are in my thoughts daily. God bless America.

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