Sunday, July 08, 2007

20th Day Smoke-Free / 32nd Day on Chantix

So the rest of last night not smoking wasn't bad at all, and it was midnight before I remembered to take my Chantix. That's a far cry from early on when I was taking the 2nd dose earlier in the day (around 5PM or so) because of the night time cravings/urges after work. The Chantix is definitely working, but I'm still sometimes having nausea, sometimes not having nausea, and I do look forward to eventually not having to remember to take pills. I'm really not a pill person and generally don't even like taking an aspirin for a headache. Still, I'm grateful that my health insurance actually does cover Chantix (you'd think they would all want to, but our health care system is broken - do watch SiCKO if you haven't already - for free), so I may as well stay on it the whole 3 months. Just in case. I know me, and I'm capable of starting smoking again at any time since I've done that in the past at the 2 month mark, a bit after the year mark and at various other marks when I was feeling particularly like it was time for me to have "me time."

Just chased a Chantix down with coffee (50/50 chance of nausea, throwing caution to the wind), so here's to another smoke-free day!


  1. 20 days! Rock. Good for you. One day at a time.

  2. Great job! BTW I took my chantix with iced coffee this morning and I had no nausea... but then again I haven't had nausea yet with Chantix, so maybe that's just me. Hehe

  3. Thanks Nathan and Yev! I'm working on an iced coffee now, too, as a little treat to me.


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