Tuesday, July 31, 2007

6 Weeks

Today is Chantix Day 55 and Smoke-free Day 43.

It was 6 weeks ago today, back on June 18, 2007 that I finally quit smoking for the last time. I'm more convinced than ever that this is the single best decision I could have made for my life and for my health. I'll probably always have that little soft spot in my heart where I used to love smoking, but given the choice, I'd have to say that I'm starting to love breathing even more. I can cuddle up to Tom anytime I want now, and he doesn't cough at me or call me the nickname I hated (now I'm all princess, all the time).

Looking back, it is getting much easier, but I am glad that I still have about another month to go on the Chantix, just in case, because I know that it helps me tremendously.


  1. Maggie, it is the single best decision you could have made for your life and health.... that's how I feel about my decision to quit in respect to myself ........

    I too will always, I think, have that same sort of (misguided) thing in my head about how I used to be so attached to the cigarettes because they got so deep in me psychologically ......

    but, yeah, life got about a million times better!

    Rock on,

  2. GUYS, eradicate that kind of thinking. No soft spots for smoking! Are you kidding me? That kind of thinking will sneak up on you in your most vulnerable moments! So work on it now, I think, or you're leaving a job undone! Sorry, I just feel it's important, very important. You don't need to hate smoking but please for god's sakes you can't be keeping any disillusions about killing yourself...

    Maggie, isn't it absolutely insane to see how the time is going by? Now it's starting to feel like the amount of time passed by since we quit is becoming rather significant. I also feel like I've kind of didn't even notice a lot of this summer with my quitting, but it's such a worthwhile sacrifice.

    My warmest congrats on this special occasion! For some reason, my eyes are tearing right now of joy for you, and us all.

  3. Agreed, John - a million times better.

    I do get what you are saying Stan. Maybe "soft spot" was too strong of a word. I have no delusions, but I am where I am in the process. I'm the one that wasn't at all ready to quit until the 13th day on Chantix, so it could take me awhile. For some I've known, there have been moments years after quitting where the thought has crossed their minds that it sure would be nice if they could smoke (that's the soft spot I meant), and yet they don't, and more years pass by before it comes again, or never for the luckier ones. I do agree that dwelling on or romanticizing the idea of me smoking or thinking that I can have "just one" is dangerous territory. This time, that's done. Been there and had to go on the Chantix to "undo" it ;)

    Time going by is beyond belief. One day at a time, the days just keep adding up, and I'm blown away. It's awesome. For all of us!

  4. ok, it's good to hear this all....I think using any positive things to refer to smoking is not a good idea. at the very least, neutral. I know it kind of don't seem to make sense, but our brain makes that connection very well in the subconsciousness, so better not feed it all these positive references to smoking.

    Again, congrats, sweetheart!

  5. I do hear you, Stan. The sucking poison viewpoint is pretty effective at sucking out any joy in the thought. And the most accurate.

  6. You rawk. You non-smoking QUEEN! (Princess? Not good enough!) Three cheers for Maggie!

  7. Ok, dying to know what Tom called you before...Smokey? I think we both are getting into the gratitude stage and at least for me, that is so much better than the pity stage. Keep on keepin on.

  8. Thanks so much, Danielle! Yep, I'm feeling pretty damn good.

    Hahaha, Tobin. Yes, Smokey was one of the words in the nickname; little was the other. I hated it. I'm with you on feeling pretty darn grateful of late, too!


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