Friday, July 13, 2007

Accidental Experiment

Not Smoking: 25 Days
Taking Chantix: 37 Days
Current typical urge strength level: 1-2 on a scale of 10 (wow!)

So this was one of those mornings. I'd stayed up too late (what else is new), found the internet connection down when I strolled in for my morning blast of info (if you use Firefox and haven't tried the Morning Coffee extension, it's pretty cool, opens craploads of tabs with whatever pages you want to load with just one click), let Tom mess with the cable issue for awhile while doing my morning things because he's good to me, decided it was probably a cable company issue, headed out the door, got in the car, didn't think of smoking (just thought now how I hadn't thought about it - cool).

In all of that ramble, I forgot to grab my Chantix. I'm curious to see how things go. Stan over at MyChantixQuit talking about Chantix leaving the system could probably calculate just how much Chantix I still have floating around, but I'm hoping I won't even notice it's gone. Unless I start thinking about it. And freaking out. And thinking about it more. And start to panic. That would be bad.


  1. Well I can fully admit that pretty much all week I have been taking my morning pill during my lunch break so usuallly about 11ish. It is just so much easier for me.

    This means taking my evening pill later and later to where it is almost feeling pointless to take it as I am doing so right before bed. Of course maybe that is what is taking the edge of in the morning for me??

  2. Haha, Maggie, you're funny.

    Considering how slow it breaks down, you have still SO much of it in your system you won't even notice!

  3. I am actually a little afraid to stop taking it or miss a dose.

    I am interested to hear if you feel any different. Though as Stan said, and blogged, it seems it has a rather long half-life.

    Good news that you went so long without thinking about smoking! I can't wait to get there.

  4. I still haven't taken my Chantix today. Took my last pill last night at around 10ish.

    I am feeling less urges today than yesterday (actually none today thus far) but then I had a crappy day yesterday followed by a great evening and a wonderful day thus far today.

  5. Mmmmmm... morning coffee...

    Seriously though, you'll be fine. Think positive!


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