Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And Then I Became (Almost) an Old Pro Again

Why ask why, but when I finally got over my fear of Chantix nausea and took it after lunch, it seems I'm back to the little to no nausea stage again. Thank goodness and all things smoke-free because I was really concerned.

For those who haven't been reading along, don't remember every detail I've written or just like stuff neatly summarized, this has been my experience with Chantix nausea so far:

  • First few weeks: mild nausea that wasn't so bad if after a lighter meal and plenty of water
  • Next few weeks: very little and sometimes no nausea even on an empty stomach with coffee
  • Chantix Day 46: worst nausea yet - clearly empty stomach with coffee method stopped working this day
  • Chantix Day 47: fairly strong nausea even when taking with food and water again due to previous day's bad experience - huh?
  • Chantix Day 48: little to no nausea after taking Chantix after lunch and plenty of water

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. I may wait awhile before again being bold enough to just take the Chantix with coffee on an empty stomach (not that this was ever recommended as a good thing to do, just realistic considering my real life mornings).

All said, I still intend to stay on Chantix for the full 3 months unless the nausea gets really crazy (even then, I'd consider a bedtime dose), and I do think it's working well for me even with some little nausea issues. As others have commented, if it helps me continue this journey and not smoke, then that's a pretty small price to pay.

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