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Chantix / Quitting Smoking Linky Loos

Original post is at the bottom. Here are my Linky Loos:

Current, Regularly Updated Blogs I Read Daily:

  • Maggie's Mind, quitting smoking category - My own blog, of course. I mention it because others have left some great comments on posts along the way and because I'm finding it somewhat therapeutic for me to both write and to also go back and read some things that fell out of my head while quitting smoking. I quit smoking for good (one day at a time) on June 18, 2007, and I'm grateful for the support at home from Tom and also from other bloggers as we cheer each other forward.
  • Stop Smoking Cigs - John's blog - and so much more! It's a blog with all these other pages chock full of all kinds of other great information, ideas to handle cravings and so much more. From what I can tell (and trying to do math again), I think John quit on May 25, 2007. In any case, his was one of the first blogs I found when starting my Chantix journey, and I'm still reading along.
  • stan's blog | - Stan's new blog. The same as right below, but even better!
  • My Chantix Quit - Stan's (old) blog. All about his Chantix quit, all the time, and even quitting the Chantix while still not smoking since June 24, 2007 (plus bonus experience for a few days before that, too). Stan puts it all out there and tells it like it is, even if it involves a little gas - reading Stan's blog, I knew it wasn't just me, and with our quit dates so close, Stan's like my quitting twin - or something.
  • I Really Did Quit! (was Am I Really Going to Quit? Of Course I AM!) - Lakasha's blog. Another one of those who followed the instructions and quit right on Chantix Day 8, which was June 28, 2007, then left all of us hanging for a week or so over the holiday and then popped back up still smoke-free with a new quitting smoking recruit in tow.
  • - Nathan's blog. I was hooked from post about dry-swallowing that first Chantix pill and then quitting on July 3, 2007.
  • My Thoughts - Marcus's blog about a lot of things including a category on quitting smoking using Chantix, being smoke-free since July 3, 2007, and how to spend that daily amount he saves and adds each night to a jar.
  • Blogfabulous Chantix Post/Comments - Tracee's blog post about her experience quitting smoking with Chantix, and enough current and continuing comments from both Tracee and some of her many readers that just this post is almost like a blog itself.
  • (blog deleted) Trying to Quit - Yevgenya's blog. Taking Chantix and quit, appropriately enough, on Independence Day, July 4, 2007 because that was when Chantix Day 8 happened to fall.
  • Tobin's Take - Tobin's blog (at least I think his name is Tobin). Tobin describes his thoughts on quitting smoking and taking Chantix and has a planned kept quit date of July 11 , 2007. Can't wait to keep reading along.
  • Tabatha's Journey - Tabatha's blog. I ran across Tabatha and felt connected because we are the same age and because I was touched both her urgent reasons to quit smoking as well as her readiness and willingness to get on with this thing. Tabatha started taking Chantix on 7/17/07 and has been smoke-free since July 24, 2007.
  • Linda's Recoveries - Linda's blog. Linda is committed to staying quit whether she goes off of the Chantix earlier than planned or not, and she started down this journey with Chantix on 6/11/07 (if my math is right). I love the sense of freedom that shines through!
  • yet another chantix blog - Ellie's blog. Ellie wound up signing up with blogger just to leave some comments, and next thing she knew, she'd jumped right into starting her own blog about her own Chantix experience which started on 7/17/07, and her nature inspired quit date of 7/28/07.
  • My World Without Smoking - Jaime's blog. Smoke free since July 10, 2007 and enjoying the smell of rain to its fullest.
  • From the desk of: Fat White Guy - King Frank's blog. Smoke free as of mid-day on July 26, 2007 (thankfully with a smoking meter up top to help non-math people like me deal with the half day thing).
  • Mobius Stripped - Tasina's blog. Tasina started Chantix on July 23, 2007 and was all done smoking as of August 8, 2007.
  • It's All About the Walls - Amanda's blog. A few days into trying the cold turkey method of quitting smoking, Amanda and her husband got an Rx for Chantix on August 3, 2007.
  • (set to private on myspace) Joy's Blog - Like many others, seeing her kids reacting to her smoking was the final straw, and Joy started Chantix on August 1, 2007. After a false start, Joy will be getting back on track with re-starting her quit soon.
  • Exsmoker-to-Be - Exsmoker mom's blog (or XSM as I'll probably call her unless she tells me not to). She started Chantix on July 31, 2007 after already working on noticing her chain-smoking and pacing herself to start gearing up for a successful quit that will be taken day by day (and probably with some humor, too) and began on August 8, 2007.
  • Life is an Adventure - Sherri's blog. Smoke-free since July 24, 2007 and exercising her way through to a new life.
  • Bay's Travail Blog - Bay's "other" blog aside from her Bay's Travel Blog, and reading along with Bay as she says goodbye to a poisonous old friend should be good reading because what a great title! Bay's quit date is August 20, 2007.
  • Heather's Blog - Heather has a very special reason for quitting smoking on September 2nd because she will be getting married the same month (at a very cool venue!) to a groom who used to but now doesn't smoke. How wonderful is that?
  • Quitting - QFG (nickname from blog address) will be starting Chantix on August 9, 2007, and he plans to quit on August 21, 2007, allowing just a little extra time to get his mind ready for the big day.
  • ~Party of Four~ - Amanda's blog (different from the other Amanda). Amanda's handful in the form of two little ones are two more great reasons she quit smoking on August 14th, 2007 using Chantix.
  • My CHANTIX™ Diary - MsTek started taking Chantix after a nice full meal on August 18, 2007 and has both a strong attitude about quitting along with a quit date of August 25, 2007.
  • Chantix User Blog Updates - Jen's blog. Armed with a week of Chantix under her belt and a desire to quit smoking, Jen jumped in and quit on August 20, 2007.
  • My Chantix Experience - Chris started Chantix on August 22, 2007 and started cutting back as part of the gearing up for the quit on September 1, 2007.
  • My Journey to Stop Smoking - Sue's blog. Sue quit smoking right on Chantix Day 8 on August 14, 2007, saying goodbye to 34 years of smoking and hello to many more years of happier lungs.
  • With Chantix and a little bit of Hope - Hope's blog. Since Hope hadn't been posting posting back on her quit date of August 18, 2007, she's been recapping what we missed as she keeps moving forward.
  • Lisa Quits - Lisa's Blog. Lisa looks forward to smoke-free clothes with a quit date of August 30, 2007 and an end to a habit that's still disgusting even when the cigarettes are of the more lady-like variety.
  • (blog deleted) Breathe Again - PJ / Designer Girl's blog. PJ had been smoke-free in the past but had recently started again. PJ plans to return to her non-smoker status with the help of Chantix and a quit date of September 30, 2007.
  • My's Journey to Freedom - MY's blog. MY quit smoking on September 22, 2007 with the help of Chantix and is blogging about it.
  • Quit Smoking with Chantix: MamaFlo's blog. MamaFlo is taking the Chantix route to freedom from smoking after many years, and she's taking this opportunity to work on other positive changes as well. MamaFlo quit smoking on September 26, 2007.
  • Chantix the Anti-Smoke - Jesse's blog. Jesse is on Chantix, blogging about it and looking forward to quitting by October 8, 2007.
  • Bob uses Chantix - Bob has an interesting story that gets even better starting with his quit using Chantix on October 12, 2007.
  • (blog deleted) Have a Good 'Un - Scott did a video, started a blog, and quit smoking using Chantix on October 20, 2007.
  • Jason Lutjen's Blog >> Chantix Blog - Jasons blog. After the first week on Chantix, Jason quit smoking at the end of October, and the rest is well worth reading and his to tell from there.
  • Diva in da Chantix House - Leslie's blog. Leslie started working on quitting smoking before starting Chantix and officially quit completely on November 11, 2007.
  • Rant It - Shout It - Read all about It! - Babs' blog. Babs started both Chantix and a blog and looks forward to her quit date of November 26, 2007.
  • Is chantix my miracle drug - Sherri's blog (another Sherri). Sherri kept taking Chantix until she was ready to quit smoking on November 12, 2007 and is blogging about it.
  • Pat's Chantix Diary - Pat quit smoking on November 29, 2007, and she is blogging about her experience doing so using Chantix.
  • The Chantix Experience - Brandie's blog. Brandie has started her Chantix and has picked out a quit date of December 24, 2007. I can't think of a better present to give oneself.
  • Life Rushes By - Lynda's blog. Lynda gave Chantix a try and quit smoking on December 4, 2007. Though we've commented back and forth on each other's blogs, somehow I hadn't added her until now, already well into her quit.
  • Jude's blog - Jude is taking the Chantix route quitting smoking, has been doing some blog reading about it, and she has a quit date of March 14, 2008 (if not sooner).
  • One Year Smoke Free - If I'm doing the math correctly, Lenny (aka the Snake Doctor) quit smoking on May 19, 2008 after a few false starts, but he hopes blogging this time through might make the difference, and he's got the same winning one day at a time motto that has been working for me, too.
  • Quit This Time - Chris is the first person I've had the pleasure to link to who is blogging her quit from the UK where it's called Champix, and after years of heavy smoking, Chris is already thinking about all the fabulous ways to spend money on stuff much more fun than smoking, and she will be quitting TODAY shortly after June 14, 2008 on a quit date that is better suited to her success.

Websites, Articles, Guides, No Longer Updated Blogs and Misc Good Links:

  • Chantix Review - A nice blog that covers on blogger's experience during the first 30 days using Chantix from April 2 through May 1, 2007.
  • Independence from Smoking - Excellent resource site from the US Dept of Health & Human Services Office on Women's Health (applies to boys, too, I bet). More links from specific pages on this site are included on this list as well.
  • Smoking Cessation - Quit Smoking Guide - The entire website has tons of great information about many, many aspects of quitting smoking. More links from specific pages on this site are included on this list as well.
  • Anti-Smoking Pill May Help Curb Drinking - From Yahoo! News Associated Press on 7/10/07, an article about how Chantix may help with some other addictions. I had some thoughts on it that I shared on my blog here (my post includes some links to other bloggers reactions to article as well), and got some thoughtful comments on the issue in response as well.
  • American Heart Association - Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease - Another great site with a wide variety of information about effects of smoking, how to quit, and things like how to avoid gaining weight while quitting (see below).
  • American Cancer Society (ACS) - Kick the Habit - A wealth of information, including two of my favorite articles that deserve special mention, one about dealing with cravings, and one with tips on being supportive to someone quitting for those people who aren't sure how to help you but would like to know more, even if they still smoke or in the event that you have an "oops."
  • How to Quit Smoking: Help, Support, and Tips for Smoking Cessation - Compact but plentiful information all on one page ranging from things to do to prepare to quit, different methods available, dealing with cravings as well as lots of links to plenty of other resources as well.
  • GetQuit (Support Plan Info) - If you go the Chantix route, you can register with their own little program of sorts that lasts for 52 weeks (ramps down after first 12 weeks), has new topics and activities each day for the first 12 weeks (some are actually really useful and/or interesting) and has you check in to track progress and things like money saved.
  • 12 Home Remedies for Nausea - I add this because nausea on Chantix seems to be fairly common. It does seem that people taking Chantix adapt by experimenting a bit and that after a few weeks or so on Chantix the nausea isn't so bad. At first for me, being too full or not full enough when taking Chantix made me feel nauseous. I "progressed" to taking it with coffee. If the nausea still comes, these tips might help make it better and tolerable to continue taking Chantix - hopefully.
  • Information About Smoking - Center for Young Women's Health - a nice one pager full of a nice variety of information I wish I'd read when I was 12 years old - not that I would have listened
  • Quit Smoking - - I don't know how I missed this last time and only put it under forums, but in addition to that, there is a bucket load of information about everything related to quitting smoking
  • - A powerhouse of information on all different topics related to quitting smoking. They also have some interactive areas such as to a Yahoo! group for people quitting as well as a chatroom. Beware some of the ads are well blended throughout.
  • Cranky Daze - Time to Quit - Get a little wound up about the tax burden on smokers and add it to your reasons to quit or be glad that you already did (definitely gave me another reason)
  • June Russell's Health Facts: Smoking - Women - very well documented and lengthy list of information about how smoking affects women in particular
  • Report on Chantix Side Effects and Usage by AskDocWeb - some information on side effects of Chantix along with percentages for some and answers question about how far apart to time the two doses per day
  • Beat Nicotine Cravings: 54 Things To Do Instead Of Smoking - a really just flat out excellent list of ideas from Chris (her still active Quitting Smoking Again blog is also linked separately, but this post needed to be singled out here)
  • The Great American Smokeout Challenge - Excellent resources in general to quit smoking, and perfect for the big day on November 15, 2007 (and beyond, I'm sure). Everything from tips and planners to desktop toys like craving buttons and distraction games. It's all there.


  • Quit Smoking Support Forum on - I've poked around a bit as a guest and seen other bloggers mention this forum as well, and it does seem to be a good place for a supportive conversation.
  • Quit Smoking Forums / Chantix Worked for Me thread - There are plenty of other topics on these forums that also look good, but this one thread about Chantix in particular made me think it just might work when I first started investigating.
  • Quitnet - Another very active site I don't know how I overlooked until now. Most of the forums are free, but they also have some "premium membership" features.

Chantix Packaging, Prescriptions, Dosages, Etc.:

  • The Ins and Outs of Prescribing Chantix - Awesome article on a pharmacists blog (with a clever name) that gives an illustrated example of Chantix and its dosing along with some of the common prescription errors. If you get your prescription, and it doesn't look like the pictures, it might have been prescribed incorrectly, and you are not alone.
  • Taking Chantix - From the Chantix website, a quick visual of which pills are taken on which days while ramping up to the full dose. It can be convoluted to try to just explain the first 7 days of Chantix dosing or remember how many pills someone is taking on Day X before at full dosing; this helps keep track.

Weight Gain and Quitting Smoking:

How Our Bodies React to Smoking and Quitting Smoking:

Sucking Poison:

Teeth, Gums & Tobacco:

Where You Live:
  • American Lung Association Report (from 2006) - shows where states rank in various smoking related categories, plus you can click on any state to see its report card, summary and bunches more information.
  • The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2007 - "The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2007 report tracks progress on key tobacco control policies at the state and federal level and assigns grades to tobacco control laws and regulations enacted as of January 1, 2008." (Quote from report website)
  • Smoke Free USA - Depending on where you live, this can be really useful or really not so much. If your state is listed and is one with lots of listings, you can find plenty of dining and/or drinking options for smoke-free establishments. Be merry!

For Fun, Counters and Meters:

  • Stop Smoking QuitMeter - This is the one I'm using at the top of this page. From the link, you can just calculate, but there is a link to customize and get the code for your page. If you allow cookies, it will save your information making it easy to just change colors, etc. without having to enter all of the information again.
  • WhyQuit's Links to Free Quit Meters and Counters - Tons of different quit smoking counters to show days quit, money saved, etc.
  • Quitometro Google Gadget - Nice looking and very customizable counter (size, colors, English/Spanish) showing quit date, cigarettes not smoked, amount of money saved, and how long.
  • The Ticker Factory - More counters/meters for specific things or general things, though none specifically for smoking. These are cuter than the "just the facts" kind if cute is your thing.
Original Post:
July 11, 2007 11:24AM

There's a lot out there about quitting smoking in general or specifically about doing so with Chantix, and of course, even better reading is the real and personal experience from all of my favorite bloggers on the same journey, too.

I've added Tobin's Take (quitting today!) to the list of other Chantix bloggers on the left, and I'm keeping those listed that are postponing the quit unless the bloggers request otherwise because it's still helpful experiences to hear - and hopefully you'll gather up more "ready" soon and give it another go.

This took a day longer than I anticipated to actually pull together because I kept stopping to smell the roses and read and remember along the way, but here are the links that I've found to be most useful to me in my quit so far.

Updates to this post:
(7/18/07: this will be continuously updated - see here for individual updates)
(7/29/07: updated - see here for individual updates, also updated actual quit dates)
(7/31/07: added link to article referenced in this post)
(8/2/07: added link to article referenced in this post; also added The Ticker Factory meter link)
(8/3/07: added links from this post, and then this post)
(8/6/07: added link from this post)
(8/7/07: added link and updated some quit dates from this post, then realized I hadn't added the link from this post)
(8/9/07: added links from this post)
(8/16/07: added link from this post)
(8/16/07: added link from this post)
(8/28/07: added links from this, this and this post)
(9/3/07: added links from this post)
(9/27/07: added links from this post)
(10/5/07: added links from this post and this post)
(10/24/07: added links from this post)
(11/7/07: added links from this post and this post)
(11/12/07: added link from this post)
(11/23/07: added link from this post)
(11/30/07: noted that Have a Good Un blog was deleted)
(12/3/07: added link from this post)
(12/4/07: added link from this post)
(12/24/07: noted that Breathe Again and Trying to Quit blogs were, sadly, deleted and that Joy's blog is now private)
(12/25/07: added links from this post and this post)
(6/14/08: added link I realized I hadn't added from this post, this post, and more up to date with the ones in this post.)


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    Thanks for the kind mention. With over 700 comments I'm having trouble keeping up with the BlogFabulous post. I started a new blog over on blogspot, we'll see if it takes off. Wanna do a link exchange? I really appreciate all your support on my Chantix post, I know the other quitters do too. My new blog address is . Thanks, Tracee @ Blog Fab.

    P.S. How did you get the 3 columns on your blog? I've been trying to figure out how to change my template all day long.

  7. There are many aids like gums, patches and pills on the market that will help people to stop smoking. A lot of people are helped by these products, but they do not work for everyone. If you’re a smoker who has tried to quit time and time again, but have not been helped by other methods, chantix may be a welcome alternative.

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