Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 26 Smoke-free / Day 38 on Chantix.

Day 26 not smoking. Day 38 on Chantix. Definitely a Friday.

Weekends are always just a bit different from "regular" not smoking days for me and it sounds like others, too. I still have the "me time" feeling already, but last weekend wasn't nearly as bad as the first two, so I'm hoping this 4th one will also not be too tough. This week I've started really missing my lattes even more for some reason (and I suspect it's related to not smoking - can't give up all my favorite bad habits, now can I?), so now that I live far enough away from my beloved Dutch Bros lattes that I can't do nearly as much damage as when close enough to be part of the daily morning routine, maybe I'll go ahead and get one. Lattes always make me smile, more so now that they are rarer gems. I keep reading that I should reward myself for not smoking, and it's been damn close to a month, so, yah, I'll make the drive in my smoke free car (that I *still* haven't taken to the carwash including inside like I intended that first weekend - maybe I'll get around that, too, if I'm feeling particularly spunky).

I'm still walking with the ladies every day. The insoles I bought in the hopes that they would help with the shin splints I kept getting were no match for the speed these ladies go. Since my even longer weekend walks alone cause zero pain, I'd narrowed the issue down to speed - I must sort of regulate and fluctuate my own speed as I go when walking alone without realizing it. I really didn't want to have to admit that I couldn't keep up and that they would need to just go on ahead without me, but I also knew that each day I pushed myself too far out of a silly sense of pride, the shin splints were getting worse. Some pains while exercising are good, some pains are not. These were clearly not, and I knew that I was exacerbating the problem. So I hung back for a few days, but I still went on those walks with the same regularity as I used to go on certain "set" smoke breaks. Already today, not even a full week later since allowing myself to hang back when needed, I found myself walking at their pace with almost no discomfort. Maybe they were just going slower. Doesn't matter.

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