Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 27 Breathing / Day 39 Chantix

It's Day 27 not smoking and Day 39 on Chantix.

For whatever reason, I did have more frequent urges yesterday and again this morning than usual, but at least they haven't been all that strong, just more noticeable because of frequency. It's nothing like near the beginning, though, so progress is still being made, it's just that progress with many things isn't a straight line but more of a line headed toward "all better" but with some ups and downs along the way. I strikes me as strange that even almost a month along it still pulls at me, but I know it's normal, and I remember from experience that they will always sometimes come, though much fewer and further between, no matter how long it's been not smoking. Thank goodness it gets a bit easier overall to combat the urges. Without Chantix, I remember how much worse they can be, too, so I'm not really complaining much, just commenting ;) Again, my cooperation is required - Chantix is helpful, not magic.

I opened the window this morning and noticed that someone who cares about me had done for me what I kept putting off and got rid of the nasty butts from the balcony. Thank you, Tom. I haven't walked out there since I quit smoking and didn't just empty the ashtray or get rid of the "butt can" (that was actually a bag) after having the last one because I didn't know for sure until I woke that next morning that it would turn out to be my quit date. Since then, I've just avoided the area entirely. At some point, it would be really nice to sit out there and read, but since I did that quite a bit while smoking, it could be awhile. We'll see. Urges find me on their own, so no need to trigger them further when I can just as easily read next to an open window somewhere instead.


  1. I had a few more urges day before than I had in a while. I am not entirely sure why some days are harder than others as their doesn't seem to be anything in particular different about what I am doing on the easy vs. hard days.

    I wonder if after having been quit for a long time something like hypnosis would work to take the remaining urges away.

  2. Weekends tend to be hardest, but this one was tougher than the last few. As far as longer term, when I quit before, the urges did eventually go away to the point of very rarely and very subtly (unless alcohol was involved during "me time").

  3. I'm really not sure why either. I also tend to have more urges one day and another one goes by really smoothly. (Quite a bit more urges than while on Chantix, too, but I'm only at 3 weeks so that's understandable)


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