Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 32 Healing Lungs / Day 44 Chantix

It's Day 32 Healing Lungs and Smoke-free / Day 44 Chantix, and I'm feeling better than last night's emotional breakdown thing. I'm getting the idea from others that, yep, freaking out once in awhile is fairly normal when quitting smoking with or without Chantix, with or without other life stresses. Thankfully mine come in quick little few hours bursts and then go away.

I overslept this morning (bad), so maybe I got an extra little bit of needed sleep (good). I am never late for work, so just once wasn't a big deal. Tonight I really need to go to bed earlier (I've told myself that probably every night since I was about 18...).

I've been coughing again a little bit more the past couple of days, but still not really hacking. The coughing seems to go in spurts, too. I won't cough at all for a handful of days, then I'll cough for a day or two, then back to none. I'm sure my lungs are just still working on getting rid of all the junk I spent 20+ years putting in there. The coughing actually makes me happy because we all know how I feel about healing lungs and cilia!

I had high hopes for faster skin healing where they did the biopsy thing (no results yet and could be 2 weeks - I have Kaiser - good for Chantix Rx, not so fast on test results - anyway, likely the biopsy will be fine and was mostly just precautionary), but I think it might be getting infected despite my religious following of instructions and general germophobe-ness. It's hard to tell under the stitches, but we'll see. In any case, I do know that smoking would have done nothing good for the healing process, so I'm still giving it the best chance I can to heal nicely and quickly by staying quit.


  1. I hope things go okay.. infections suck.. and believe me I know that all to well. If you think it may be infected I would definitely just stop by the docs to have it checked out.

    Better to be safe with that than.. well you know the alternative :)

    Glad to hear your lungs are continuing their healing process I am sure your Cilia are thanking you!!

  2. Thanks, Lakasha. Once I talked to the doctor's office, it sounds like it's more of a nerve thing because they did such a deep biopsy (which is kind of what I was thinking since it hurt but didn't actually look bad).

  3. Ahh good.. though sorry to hear it is hurting you so much :(

    I have had a couple pretty nasty infections but my son ended up with a bone infection from the hospital when he broke his arm in the 3rd grade.. he had to cart around a full IV unit that dosed him with IV antibiotics for 4 months to get rid of that infection.. so they kinda scare me now.

  4. Yikes, that would make for a reasonable fear of infection. Amazing.

  5. biopsies are evil! I had to have a cervical biopsy last fall and it remains the single most terrifying and painful medical moment of my adult life. No need for meds, just "take a couple ibuprofen before you come in"... the biggest lie ever told.

    Glad the big C is off the table.

  6. Danielle, yep, been down that road a few times and hope to never, ever, ever have to go through that bit of hell ever again.


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